FTI Consulting Unveils India Green Hydrogen Roadmap Report

FTI Consulting recently unveiled its India Green Hydrogen Roadmap report, proposing a target of 4 percent for hydrogen energy in the national energy mix by 2030.

FTI Consulting recently unveiled its India Green Hydrogen Roadmap report. The report proposes a target of 4 percent for hydrogen energy in the national energy mix by 2030 and 10 national development-stage projects. It also proposes a set of eight recommendations covering policy measures, funding mechanisms and public-private partnerships to build a strong manufacturing position for India within the emerging global hydrogen supply chain and help decarbonise key sectors.

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Amrit Singh Deo, Senior Managing Director in the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting, said, “India has a domestic manufacturing opportunity to building hydrogen system components for the global supply chain if policymakers and industry players can collaborate closely. An aspirational 4 percent target and funding for large demonstration-stage green hydrogen projects will be important for a renewable energy-backed hydrogen economy in India. Hydrogen, coupled with renewables, electric vehicles (EVs) and battery technology, offers a clear path to a zero-carbon future.”

The eight recommendations in the India Green Hydrogen Economy Roadmap, prepared after public-private consultations, include:

1. National Hydrogen Policy and Roadmap by 2021 to be prepared

2. Creation of India H2 Hydrogen Taskforce and Workgroups to implement a roadmap

3. Green Hydrogen Investment Fund of USD 100 million to be deployed through 2025, with a larger Hydrogen Fund to be raised for 2025-2030; 

4. National aspiration for 4 percent hydrogen share in the national energy mix by 2030;

5. Inter-ministerial hydrogen government body for adherence to global harmonised standards;

6. Green hydrogen production and use cases in key regions, with some coal-gasification and gas-powered grey hydrogen projects as interim step

7. Ten potential IndiaH2 national projects identified including 10,000 hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck fleet and infrastructure on Delhi–Mumbai Industrial Corridor; IndiaH2 industrial clusters in ports, logistics, steel, fertiliser, mining sectors; municipal bio-gas hydrogen projects

8. Fiscal incentives for large-scale national H2 projects and formation of industry consortia

Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI, said, “The India Green Hydrogen Roadmap is a strong reference document for India as the national policy on hydrogen is prepared. We look forward to working with NITI Aayog and the central government agencies to finalise the national policy next year. The eight recommendations are critical for India to develop a strategic energy transition roadmap and plan.”

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