Fluence Secures 2,300 MWh Orders for 6th-Gen Energy Storage Technology from Key Customers

Fluence Secures 2,300 MWh Orders for 6th-Gen Energy Storage Technology from Key Customers

Fluence, a leading energy storage technology solutions provider, has on Tuesday unveiled its sixth-generation energy storage technology stack combining factory-built hardware, advanced software and data-driven intelligence.


The company claimed that this new technology will change the way energy storage systems are built and operated by making them simpler, safer, faster and more cost-effective to deploy at scale.

Moreover, the Siemens and AES company has already been selected by market-leading brands such as Enel, LS Power, sPower and Siemens for 800 MW, 2300 MWh, of projects using this new technology.

Commenting on the development, Brett Galura, Chief Technology Officer, Fluence, said that “energy storage applications require highly flexible systems that can be tailored to specific markets and customer needs.”

“Until now, customers were forced to choose between custom-built solutions or inflexible, vertically integrated products. This sixth-generation technology combines our proprietary dataset – among the industry’s largest – and our deep industry experience to deliver unparalleled intelligence and flexibility while adding the benefits of mass production to standardize safety features and significantly reduce the time and cost needed to deploy energy storage,” Galura added.

Galura further said, “over the past decade, Fluence has reduced the total cost of energy storage systems by 90 per cent; our new technology stack focuses on driving down the non-battery costs of energy storage systems by up to 25 per cent while empowering gigawatt-sized deployments.”

Moreover, the technology stack creates the foundation for three purpose-built systems that are configured for the grid, renewable and commercial & industrial (C&I) applications respectively.

Speaking about the future scope of storage technology, Jean-Christoph Heyne, Global Head of Future Grids, Siemens AG, commented that “battery storage is a rapidly growing segment and crucial for the energy transition. For the cost-efficient and fast execution of projects in the area of distributed energy, microgrids and eMobility infrastructure, the productization and modularization of storage technologies are decisive. With the new stack & OS approach, Fluence has a unique system providing cutting-edge safety.”

Earlier in July 2017, Siemens and the AES Corporation announced their agreement to form the new global energy storage technology and services company under the brand name Fluence.

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