Energie Steiermark Installs Ultra-fast EV Charging Stations

Highlights :

  • Charging capacity up to 320 kilowatts in a matter of minutes.
  • Quieter operation than conventional systems.
  • Less costly, does not require investment in power grid expansion.
  • It does not require securing building permits, approval procedures.
Energie Steiermark Installs Ultra-fast EV Charging Stations

ADS-TEC Energy, a global leader in battery-buffered, ultrafast charging technology, recently announced that Energie Steiermark has deployed its ultra-fast EV charging stations.

Austria-based Energie Steiermark has installed two ultra-fast charging stations opposite the main entrance of its corporate headquarters in Graz.

The ADS-TEC Energy charger charging capacity is up to 320 kilowatts in a matter of minutes, depending on the vehicle. This adds up with quieter operation than conventional systems. To understand this, the absence of noise pollution makes it possible to charge modern 800-volt technology electric vehicles in minutes even in residential areas.

Further, the Stations can be set up and installed within a few days without requiring the time-consuming construction of medium-voltage systems and transformer stations. The system uses existing power grids. This saves from investment in power grid expansion, thus, less costly than other options. Furthermore, the installation does not require securing building permits, approval procedures, and ongoing fees. All these bottlenecks are necessary for installation of other charging technologies.

The available connection line from the grid is used directly for the charging process and the energy is then stored in the ChargeBox battery. Thus, irrespective of several continuous charging cycles there is always enough energy and power available. The ChargeBox and individual charging stations installation can be directly next to each other. The distance between them can be a maximum of 100 meters.

The charging stations take very small space for installation which makes the technology compatible with urban areas.  All the necessary technology, such as the battery unit with 140-kilowatt hours, power electronics, air conditioning and control system, adjust in a footprint of less than 1.5 square meters.

ADS-TEC Energy has more than ten years of experience with lithium-ion technologies, storage solutions, and fast charging systems. It also has expertise in the corresponding energy management systems. Energie Steiermark provides energy and services throughout Austria, and internationally as well. The firm is planning to further expand the region’s fast-charging infrastructure by deploying ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered technology.

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