Electricity Generation From Renewables Increased 6.9 percent in Nov’20: Ind-Ra

India Ratings has detailed that the electricity generation from renewables in November 2020 increased by 6.9 percent yoy to 9.2 BU.

In its latest power sector report, India Ratings (Ind-Ra) has detailed that the electricity generation from renewables sources in November 2020 increased by 6.9 percent yoy to 9.2 billion units. The report also highlighted that despite the energy demand increasing yoy for the third consecutive month in November, the improvement was slower than over the last few months.

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The report found that in November 2020, the all-India energy demand increased yoy for the third consecutive month, after declining over March-August 2020; although the improvement slowed down to 3.7 percent yoy to 97.9 billion units (October 2020: up 11.5 percent; September 2020: up 4.0 percent). This was due to the early onset of winters impacting demand from the northern region (up 3.2 percent; October 2020: up 12.9 percent) and southern region (down 3.8 percent; up 3.3 percent). Even though the energy demand has been recovering, the demand over April-November 2020 came in 5.0 percent yoy lower (1QFY21: down 15.9 percent; 1HFY21: down 8.7 percent).

The report then goes on to add that electricity generation (excluding renewables) increased 1.9 percent yoy to 95.3 billion units in November 2020 (October 2020: up 8.9 percent), owing to 4.1 percent (up 13.3 percent) growth in thermal generation, although hydro generation was lower 17.0 percent (down 10.3 percent) yoy. The thermal PLF over April-November 2020 was lower at 50.8 percent (April-November 2019: 56.0 percent), most impacted by the decline in power demand, given the must-run status of nuclear, hydro and renewables.

For renewables, the report added that generation increased by 6.9 percent yoy to 9.2 billion units with wind and solar generation improving 11.6 percent and 7.4 percent, respectively. It also adds that the wind generation has shown 1.1 percent yoy improvement in April-November 2020 after being lower 17.1 percent in 1HFY21.

The short-term power price at Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) also decreased yoy to Rs 2.73/kWh in November 2020 (November 2019: Rs 2.86/kWh) with a 43 percent yoy increase in the traded volumes witnessed in the day-ahead market. The short-term price decreased yoy, despite increase in demand in the short-term market, due to a strong supply to match the demand.

Finally, in the transmission segment it was found that the transmission line addition was lower at 12,266 circuit kilometres (km) over April-November 2020 (April-November 2019: 14,546 circuit km). The length of transmission lines added in November 2020 also lower at 345 circuit km (November 2019: 1,095 circuit km), with 96 percent addition coming from the state sector.

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