EESL To Sell Solar Inverters Online, Issues Tenders For Suppliers

EESL To Sell Solar Inverters Online, Issues Tenders For Suppliers EESL Set To Sell Solar Inverters Online, Issues Tenders For Supplies

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has planned to offer solar inverters online for their ESSL mart online marketplace where consumers can directly order solar inverters.

To undertake the work, EESL, a joint venture (JV) of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, invited bids for the supply through this tender, offering solar inverters online through the mart, providing an online marketplace, for consumers to directly order solar inverters.

EESL issued a tender for the supply of 2000 MW grid-connected solar Inverters of 1 kW to 5 kW capacity. Grid Connected Solar Inverters will be supplied across India, and divided into five packages. Under this program, EESL will undertake an Annual Rate Contracting (ARC) process for procurement of ~2,000 MW of Grid Connected Solar Inverters of rated capacity of various capacities ranging from 1 kW to 5 kW for supply across five designated packages within the country. For each package, a Bidder enlistment process will be conducted, with a maximum of fifteen (15) suppliers i.e. three suppliers for each package will be on-boarded, the typical capacity for each package is given below:

The region-wise orders from the Buyers will be received by the EESL portal (EESLMART). The details of each order will be communicated to the selected Bidder for that package, on the EESL portal (EESLMART).

It invited sealed bids from eligible bidders for tender an annual rate contract, for the supply of ~2,000 MW single-phase solar Inverters across India, on a domestic competitive bidding basis under a secured e-procurement procedure.

The LOA/NOA is valid for 12 months i.e. 1 year from the date of issuance of LOA/NOA. Prices shall remain fixed & firm during the entire period of the rate contract. Delivery Schedule for supplying Goods to end customer. The materials are allocated by EESL through System Generated Release Orders (ROs)/Purchase Orders indicating the supply location and quantity. EESL shall provide an allocation of quantities to be supplied from time to time during the currency of contract with appropriate Dispatch instructions / Release Orders.
In case of delay in delivery of material at the site on a DDP destination basis, Liquidated Damages (LD) will be applicable as per terms and conditions of the RfP/NOA/LOA/Contract.. The supplier can improve upon the schedule depending on his capacity and production rate.

Bidder must provide invoice copy including copy of challan etc. for dispatched material within one day of dispatch of material. This is a mandatory requirement for EESL records. The bidder must also ensure the dispatched material should have an EESL invoice copy attached to the box to be delivered at the destination locations.

Bid Opening:

Envelope-1 (First Envelope) (Comprising Packet-I and Packet-II): Date: 05.08.2024 Time: 1130 Hrs. (IST) Envelope-2 (Second Envelope) (Comprising Price Bid): The schedule shall be intimated after the evaluation of the First Envelope bids under ITB.

The tender said, the bidding document/tender fee is Rs. 25,000/- (Non-refundable and non-adjustable), which the bidder is expected to submit for Rs. 7,10,00,000.00 under package I. Whereas, it’s expected to give Rs. 7,36,00,000.00 for package II Rs. 4,73,00,000.00 for package III and Rs. 6,31,00,000.00 for package IV, and Rs. 4,20,00,000.00 for package V. If a bidder is participating in multiple packages, they must submit separate EMDs for each package of value as specified above.

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