DERC Issues Draft Green Energy Open Access Rules

DERC Issues Draft Green Energy Open Access Rules SJVN Shifts Focus On Developing More Solar & Wind Power

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) recently unveiled its draft regulations on Green Energy Open Access. This policy aims to establish fair guidelines for accessing green energy, particularly from renewable sources, through the Intra-State Transmission System (InSTS) or the distribution system of licensees. The draft rules proposed to offer green energy through open access ranging from 25 years (long term) to one month (short term).

As per the draft norms, those power consumers with at least 100 KW of contracted demand or more will be eligible for the connections. “The Consumer(s) who have contracted demand or sanctioned load of Hundred (100) KW or more, either through single connection or through multiple connections aggregating Hundred (100) kW or more located in same area of a distribution licensee, shall be eligible for Open Access for sourcing Green Energy (RE) under these Regulations,” the draft rules said. 

The draft DERC rules encompass intra-state transmission or distribution systems incidental to inter-state electricity transmission, defining the methodology for determining charges and banking fees for Green Energy Open Access consumers. This regulation is targeted at facilitating open access to electricity generated from green energy sources, including non-fossil fuel-based municipal solid waste-to-energy plants. It mandates the installation of energy meters, specifically ABT-compliant meters for consumers above 1 MW and special energy meters capable of recording energy on a 15-minute basis for those below 1 MW.

Captive consumers face no load limitations, but the number of time blocks for accessing green energy should not exceed 12 to avoid significant demand fluctuations. Open access customers must install compliant meters and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for real-time monitoring, while those below 1 MW can access green energy based on the installation of special energy meters. All applicants, including those with captive generating plants, must submit their applications to the nodal agency for approval. Green energy open-access consumers receive the highest priority over other normal open-access consumers.

Standby charges apply if consumers fail to procure power due to outages, with charges set at 125% of the normal tariff for the relevant consumer category. These provisions aim to ensure equitable access to green energy while maintaining reliability and stability in distribution.

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