CFA Under PM-KUSUM (Comp.-C) To Continue Till Further Orders, Clarifies MNRE

CFA Under PM-KUSUM (Comp.-C) To Continue Till Further Orders, Clarifies MNRE CFA Under PM-KUSUM (Comp.-C) To Continue Till Further Orders, Clarifies MNRE. Photo by Freepik (chandlervid85)

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in the latest notification clarified that the Central Financial Assitance (CFA) for Feeder-Level Solarisation (FLS) under the PM-KUSUM scheme would continue till further notice. The ministry said that the notice was issued in the wake of inquiries from several states on the matter.

The ministry said that the states should continue to expedite the process of implementation of the scheme. PM-KUSUM has been envisaged by the Union government to decarbonize emissions from the agriculture sector. It has three component-Component A, Component B and Component C. While Component A talks about decentralized solar plants with the help of farmers, Component B has provisions for subsidies for solar pumps. On the other hand, Component C talks about solarisation of agricultural pumps and Feeder Level Solarisation (FLS).

The latest notification from the MNRE tried to allay the fears of states towards the central aid towards the feeder level solarisation. The ministry with the notificaltion has urged the state to continue their works in this direction.

“Some states have inquired about the eligible CFA under Component C (FLS). It is to be clarified that the prevailing CFA under this component, i.e Rs 1.05 crore/MW for General States and Rs 1.75 crore/MW NER/Hilly Region and Islands would be valid till any update is announced by MNRE. SIA’s are requested to expedite the implementation of the scheme in the state and report progress,” the MNRE notification said.

The MNRE in its notification, clarified that the provision for the requirement of indigenous solar cells (DCR) and Component C (FLS) of the PM-KUSUM scheme has already been relaxed till MAerch 31, 2024.

“In continuation of the Ministry’s office memorandum of even number dated 17.01.2024 regarding comprehensive guidelines for the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Uthaan Mahabhiyan (PM-KUSUM) scheme, the Ministry has received few clarifications regarding Component C (FLS) of the PM-KUSUM scheme,” the MNRE notification read.       

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