This Brand-New City in Florida Will Rely Solely On Solar Energy

The new development calls itself “America’s First Solar-Powered Town”.


Solar energy is being adopted by more and more cities all over the world.

This time Babcock Ranch – a newly built city in Southwest Florida – will be the first totally ecological, self-sustaining place like it in the U.S. that will completely rely on solar energy.

As per reports, the residents are moving to this city in this week which is largely solar-powered and will have the world’s largest photovoltaic solar energy generation field claimed by developer Syd Kitson with 343,000 panels laid out along 350 acres – the equivalent to about 200 football fields.

The new development calls itself “America’s First Solar-Powered Town”.

The modern settlement-like city will consist of a community of about 19,500 homes, framed by thousands of acres of greenery, with the added luxury of the living on a sustainable grid.

In terms of geography, the city is about the same size as Manhattan in New York City, minus the concrete jungle.   The city’s first residents, Richard and Robin Kinley and their children, moved into their new home in Babcock Ranch.

With time, according to its developers, Babcock Ranch is expected to eventually reach about 50,000 residents.

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