Arctech Bags Additional Order of SkyLine II Project in India, Total Project Capacity At 3.4GW

Arctech Bags Additional Order of SkyLine II Project in India, Total Project Capacity At 3.4GW Arctech Bags Additional Order of SkyLine II Project in India, Total Project Capacity At 3.4GW

Arctech, a leading solar energy solutions provider, has confirmed the acquisition of an additional order for the SkyLine II solar tracking solution in India, bringing the total project capacity to an impressive 3.4GW. This expansion marks the largest project undertaken by Arctech in the Indian market.

Situated in the arid desert region along the India-Pakistan border, where temperatures soar above 50°C, and facing challenges such as high wind speeds and sandstorms, the SkyLine II project showcases Arctech’s formidable technical prowess and commitment to delivering tailored solutions in demanding environments. The project’s success is attributed to Arctech’s leading technology, customized solutions, and robust product capabilities that ensure long-term client trust.

The SkyLine II tracking solution, featuring state-of-the-art multi-point parallel drive technology with a wind speed threshold of 22m/s and a stow angle of 0°. Arctech claims that this innovation not only mitigates component cracking risks during desert windstorms but also extends effective power generation hours.

Gail Chen, ArctechArctech has established a dedicated local team over the past seven years, optimizing service quality from front-end sales to mid-stage installation and back-end maintenance. Talking on the deal, Gail Chen, VP of East Asia and India of Arctech, said, “Arctech’s achievements in the Indian market are inseparable from the establishment of our localized team, which has enhanced work efficiency and capacity assurance in the Indian market. I believe that in the future, Arctech will provide global customers with even higher-quality services through excellent product equipment and capacity assurance.”

In its efforts to meet the demand for enhanced project efficiency, Arctech has employed a combined solution of customized tracking systems, bifacial modules, and intelligent cleaning robots. This design, featuring high-power bifacial modules to increase irradiance, and intelligent cleaning robots to reduce dust-induced power losses, maximizes the efficiency of components and the entire solar power station.

In August 2022, Arctech’s first joint venture manufacturing base in India, Jash Energy, commenced operations. With a sprawling 16-acre site and an annual capacity of 3GW, the factory focuses on the production of key components for tracking solution. Currently, it supplies components to several photovoltaic projects across India.

In addition to the recent additional contract, Arctech has secured multiple projects in India in 2023, including the 420MW Sullur project and the 242MW Rajasthan project, solidifying its dominant position in the local market.

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