AI Powered eSourcing Tool Helps EPC Companies to Source, Negotiate Smarter Online

In 2019, there will be tremendous growth globally, especially in Asia where sun is always available in abundance.

Global Solar PV installation is rising year-on-year as individuals and corporate both focused to invest in solar rooftop to large solar farms.

AI Powered eSourcing Tool

It also said that, in 2019 there will be tremendous growth globally, especially in Asia where sun is always available in abundance.

With this sudden boom there is an increase in competition among EPC companies, now bottom line is about execution of the project at a best possible cost.

Thus, many small to large EPC companies are eagerly looking out for improving their sourcing process for PV modules, batteries, inverters, cables, mounting frames, etc.

The idea behind the move is, the more they save during the sourcing process the more profitable will be their business.

As global market for solar components is highly sensitive to government and local economic policies, so prices may vary during the year and buyers will not be able to get their desired product at a fixed price every time.

On the back of such volatile price conditions, companies are looking to use smart sourcing technology, exploring eSourcing tools available, which can allow them to centralize their sourcing process at the same time create competition among their suppliers so they can get best market-negotiated prices on raw materials., provider of eSourcing & eNegotiation tools for solar EPC industry, said that buyers can use it’s smart AI powered search technology to find new suppliers, while at the same time they can negotiate with their existing supplier using eAuction process.

This is fully web base product and software installation is not required for both buyers and suppliers. It is also very easy to use.

Currently,’s eSourcing tool is used in North America and Europe, while in Asia, which is the large market, it is witnessing a slow adoption. In 2019 we expect more competition among EPC companies as there will be an increased awareness among EPC buyers which will rose adoption of eSourcing & eNegotiation tool. Thus, make solar EPC business more competitive and profitable.

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Manu Tayal

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