Agfa and Ferbatt Sign Agreement For Distribution Of Solar PV Backsheet

Most solar PV panels use polyester films on their backside to electrically insulate and protect the solar cells and components.

Since its launch in April 2017 at the SNEC Exhibition in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, Agfa’s UNIQOAT backsheet film has enjoyed great interest from the global photovoltaic (PV) solar panel manufacturing industry. To respond to the growing market demand Agfa has appointed Ferrbatt Srl, Italy, as exclusive distributor in the EMEA region.

Most solar PV panels use polyester films at their backside to electrically insulate and protect the solar cells and components. Whereas traditional backsheet structures require the lamination of several different types of film, each dedicated to perform a specific function, Agfa’s UNIQOAT is a single layer backsheet. While all functionality is included in one single film, it delivers beyond traditional laminated structures with the highest reflectivity for increased power output and zero risks of delamination.

“Next to the strong reputation that Ferrbatt has established over the years with manufacturers of solar panels around the globe, also their deep understanding of market needs in terms of supply and service has led Agfa to partner with Ferrbatt.”, said Cesar Campos, Business Manager of Agfa’s Functional Foils Business Unit. “Both our companies share operational excellence and global business experience, two essential qualities for success in this extremely dynamic environment.”

Stefano Ferrante, General Manager of Ferrbatt, comments: ”We are very pleased to have Agfa’s backsheet solutions included in our portfolio. UNIQOAT’s exceptional durability and contribution to higher power output bring benefit to both the owners and the manufacturers of solar panels and thereby represent a highly relevant competitive value.”

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