After Wind, Sweden’s Wallenstam Now Invests in Solar Energy

After Wind, Sweden’s Wallenstam Now Invests in Solar Energy

After achieving self-sufficiency in renewable energy by investing in wind, Swedish real estate company Wallenstam is now planning to invest in solar energy.

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Thus, in order to evaluate the potential of installation of solar panels, the Swedish company has analyzed its entire property holdings, which is around 220 properties.

Commenting on the development, Karin Mizgalski, Sustainability Manager of Wallenstam, said that “as you know, we were the first in the sector to be self-sufficient in renewable energy as far back as 2013 through our wind turbines. To complement this with solar cells is an important step in our sustainability work and supports one of the five goals we have prioritized within the UN’s Agenda 2030, Affordable and Clean Energy”.

“In each new construction project, we are analyzing the potential for solar cells. This is a resource-efficient way to supply the properties with electricity. We are currently reviewing the entire project ‒the project plan is not fully nailed down yet but this is a sustainable initiative which means that we can relieve pressure on the grid and reduce our need to buy energy,” believes Patrik Persson, Technical Director at Wallenstam.

As of now, it’s two properties had installed solar panels, however, the entire property holdings need to be screened in order to check where solar panels can be best suited.

Besides, the company also said that apart from analyzing the existing properties for the installation of solar plants, it will also evaluate the potential for installation of solar panels in its all new constructions.

On the suitable period of electricity generation through wind and solar energy, Mizgalski further added that “wind power produces the most in the winter while the solar cell units have their highest production in the summer. This means that the combination of sun and wind is optimal for us at Wallenstam”.

For the investment in solar energy the company has partnered with Uppsala-based company ‘Save by Solar’.

Meanwhile, the company’s first newly constructed solar-powered property is located in Barkarbystaden in Järfälla, Sweden and generate electricity equivalent to approx 250,000 kilometers with an electric car. Its second property is in Kvillebäcken, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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