Adani Discom Used RE Energy To Power Mumbai During Diwali

Highlights :

  • Adani Electricity said that it used solar and wind power to fuel Mumbai’s power needs for 4 hours during Diwali.
  • The clean power was used between 10am-2pm during Diwali.
Adani Discom Used RE Energy To Power Mumbai During Diwali Adani Used RE Energy To Give Power To Mumbai For 4 Hrs During Diwali

Adani Electricity, the local power utility in Mumbai has delivered a green gift of sorts on Diwali to the financial capital. The firm says that it met the electricity demand of the territory in the metropolitan city it serves with renewable energy for a continuous four hours on Diwali. This was done during the Diwali festival. The company said that it used both solar energy and wind energy to cater to the energy needs its consumers in its jurisdiction.

“Breaking barriers this Diwali! Adani Electricity made history, lighting up 12 million lives in Mumbai with 100% renewable power. From 10 AM to 2 PM, our city gleamed with clean energy—marking a first in sustainable celebrations. A brighter, greener future begins,” the company said.

The company said that a total of 1200 MW of renewable power was used to undertake this exercise. This reportedly helped to electricity around three million consumers of Adani Electricity in the region. The company said that for the very first time in history, 3 million households and establishments, comprising over 12 million Mumbaikars, were powered entirely by “clean” renewable energy sources. This monumental achievement underscores our dedication to sustainable development and responsible environmental practices.

In 2023, the firm said to have successfully met up to 38% of its consumers’ electricity requirements from renewable sources. It said that its commitment remained unwavering to reach our target of 60% by 2027.

Kandarp Patel, Managing Director of Adani Electricity said, “Achieving 100% Renewable Energy is a first and a significant milestone in Mumbai’s energy transition, demonstrating that renewables can significantly power Mumbai city with reliable and sustainable electricity at competitive tariffs. By lighting up Mumbai with renewables, we not only celebrate the festival of lights but also the festival of a sustainable future.”

India’s metros have been moving faster than the hinterland when it comes to share of renewable energy powering the local grid, thanks to factors including private ownership of discoms,  clear power demand and supply conditions, and better realisations or collections. By using peak solar hours to go for a larger share of renewable energy, especially solar, the Adani example should set the benchmark for more and more use of renewable energy to power our mega cities

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