A Solar Panel To Withstand 270° Bending Stress For Cars and More

A Solar Panel To Withstand 270° Bending Stress For Cars and More

Huston, US based BougeRV, a provider of outdoor appliances and outdoor needs , has announced its new flexible 10BB solar panel, called the BougeRV Arch. The firm claims that the groundbreaking solar panel is the world’s first to withstand 270° bending stress without any solar cell cracking.

Features and benefits of BougeRV Arch include ETFE & Fiberglass protect material to ensure longer durability and lighter weight. Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is a fluorine-based plastic designed to have high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range. ETFE is a polymer also known by its DuPont brand name Tefzel, also referred to as ‘Teflon Film’. ETFE has a relatively high melting temperature and excellent chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation resistance properties.

Driving Solar Forward: The Lightweight Power Solution for Your Car or Boat

Making a case for using the bendable panels on cars and boats, BougeRV Arch says that by incorporating a fiberglass material between the EVA layer and mono cell on the top and bottom, it has achieved the unprecedented level of bend. A glass fiber enhanced polymer composite film, made of resin as the base material, features a buffering zone positioned above and below the cells to effectively increase impact resistance and protect the cells from damage.

BougeRV Arch solar panel

ETFE Inside

By using ETFE instead of traditional PET, BougeRV Arch can avoid delamination after long-term use, says the firm. ETFE material can withstand high levels of thermal stress and harsh weather, retaining its clarity and ensuring a long service life for solar panels. Specifically, ETFE is made from sustainable materials and is easily recyclable at the end of the solar panel’s life. This also contributes to increasing global renewable electricity capacity and addressing environmental issues.

BougeRV claims that they provide an ideal solution for RVs, boats, and off-grid applications, allowing for direct mounting on roofs or any curved surface.

BougeRV DIY Solar Kits

BougeRV provides DIY solar kits to directly access solar power without the prohibitively expensive and complex installation process.

The firm has recently launched its self-developed Sunflow MPPT controller, an integrated and user-friendly solution for monitoring and operating solar systems. With APP control and an LED display, the Sunflow Controller makes managing a solar system easier while being fully compatible with LiFePO4 batteries and most solar panels available on the market, according to the firm.

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