We Hope Deeper Cooperation with India by Setting up Factories Here: Idrish Khan

Setting up manufacturing base in India is one of our future plans. India is a large country with growing photovoltaic product consumption and has huge potential. As Indian government is encouraging the Make in India concept. We also hope to deeper cooperation with India by setting up factories in India in the future and provide photovoltaic product, produce and construction as Make in India, says Idrish Khan, Chief Technical Officer – India, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies, a specialist in manufacturing string inverters. In conversation with Manu Tayal, Associate Editor, Saur Energy International, Khan spoke about his company’s latest product offerings for the Indian market, New Models in New Year, customer sales service, quality measures, future plans etc. Here’re the excerpts from that exclusive interview published in the Saur Energy International Magazine’s February 2020 edition:

Q. Shed some light on Ginlong Solis’ latest product offerings for the Indian market in terms of technology?

Idrish Khan, Chief Technical Officer - India, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies

Idrish Khan, Chief Technical Officer – India, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies

Ginlong Solis has been committed to technological innovation. From the 4G technology platform to the current 5G technology platform, our products are more abundant and the technology has also made great progress. The Indian market is one of the most active solar markets in the world. For the Indian market, we have also developed and applied many new technologies, such as technology for improving grid harmonics, active surge suppression technology and Class II SPD technology. Intelligent system diagnosis and String level monitoring technology, on Solis cloud platform. The application of these technologies is to better match the Indian power grid, installation environment and system management.

Q. Are you planning to bring some new models to India in 2020?

Yes, no doubt. India’s solar market has huge potential, both the government and the public are actively developing clean energy. Aiming at India’s fast growing industrial and commercial and ground power stations, we will bring new 5G products to the Indian market in 2020, including high-power 400VAC inverters such as 100kW, 110kW, and also 250kW such as 1500Vdc, 800VAC products for large power stations. In addition, we also planned off-grid systems for Industrial and Residential application where have more power cuts, off-grid system is independent power generator to cater such requirement.

Q. Over the years, how do you see the level of consumer awareness while selecting any inverter brand in India? How can it be improved?

From the interaction of the Indian market over the years, most Indian consumers have paid great attention to value for money. Product quality, Reliable design are all important considerations. Of course, some customers pay more attention to product prices. Therefore, on the whole, Indian consumers have strong inverter brand awareness. As the core of a photovoltaic system, the inverter’s stability and reliability directly determine the output and life of the power station. Therefore, when choosing an inverter, we need to consider not only its price but also its brand and customer evaluation, good products always have good market feedback and technical verification.

Q. What are the services you provide to your customers post sale?

Ginlong Solis’ after-sales service is comprehensive, including 24-hour technical support, online Q & A and technical training response, as well as on-site technical problem assistance, warranty service, customer claim service, etc. We also have Well trained technical team and warehouse in India, which are very convenient for us to help customers solve field problems in a timely manner.

Q. How do you ensure the quality of your products and what testing measures you follow?

Ginlong Solis conducts strict control and actual verification from each link of product development and design, component procurement, production, complete machine testing, field installation and trial operation to ensure product quality. We have a large and professional R & D and design team. We have in-depth cooperation with various world-class component manufacturers to ensure the quality of components, and ensure the production quality of products through automatic production lines and production process management. Meet expected evaluations and requirements to truly create reliable products.

Our testing measures mainly include:

1. Laboratory theory verification and design performance test evaluation;

2. Performance evaluation of component procurement materials;

3. Intelligent self-inspection and evaluation of all links in the production line;

4. Machine test and evaluation;

5. On-site empirical test evaluation etc.

Through these 5 main parts, each link from the technical concept to the actual operation of the inverter can withstand reliable verification, so as to ensure the quality of the product.

Q. Do you have any future plans to set up manufacturing base in India?

Yes, this is one of our future plans. India is a large country with growing photovoltaic product consumption and has huge potential. As Indian government is encouraging the Make in India concept. We also hope to deeper cooperation with India by setting up factories in India in the future and provide photovoltaic product, produce and construction as Make in India.

Q. What do you feel about the prospects for the rooftop solar market for your firm?

Rooftop solar plant is very suitable for the characteristics of near-site production and consumption of photovoltaic power. With the advancement of technology, the cost of electricity is also very low. Plant is of great significance for adjusting the energy structure, advancing the revolution in energy production and consumption, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization.

Rooftop solar plant we explain from two aspects:

1. Market development, the United States, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, etc. will all grow steadily. The Indian market is different from these regions and will flourish even more. In the future, emerging markets such as the Middle East and the Mediterranean (including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and Italy) will be the fastest growing regions for rooftop solar market. Distributed rooftop solar in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and other South American countries have great potential.

2. Off-grid systems such as PV + energy storage and PV + generators will be another technology and solution demand point for rooftop solar market.

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