Viz-A-Viz with Mehul Sharma, Director Sales – India (TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd.)

Q. Please tell our readers about TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. and its product offerings?

Mehul Sharma

Mehul Sharma, Director Sales – India (TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd.)

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd., is one of the global leaders in Solar Inverter manufacturing having its Global Headquarters in Xián, China. Company is a part of TBEA group, and inherits the engineering & manufacturing excellence of 70 years’ experience having a professional R&D team. India being second largest solar market globally after China.

TBEA have always focused on product quality and customer services being fruitfully awarded and have more than 2GW inverters supplied in India. TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. have a wide range of solar inverter solutions of Central Inverters comprising with 1000V & 1500V solutions. TBEA Product basket have below mentioned solutions:

1000V 500kW Central Inverter

1000V 630kW Central Inverter

1000V 1000kW Central Inverter

1000V/1500V 1250kW Central Inverter

1000V/1500V 2500kW Central Inverter

1000V/1500V 3750kW Central Inverter

1000V/1500V 5000kW Central Inverter

Q. What is TBEA’s motive behind organising Smart PV Technology Exchange Conferences on pan India basis?

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd., has started an initiative of conducting technology exchange conferences across India for spreading technology awareness. India’s first TBEA smart PV technology exchange conference was conducted in New Delhi Aerocity followed by seminars in Mumbai & Bangalore. Similar seminars will be conducted in all major cities of India with plan to extend conferences across the globe.

Company takes this opportunity to understand the requirements from customers so that specific solution can be offered, and treats this event as a platform to show case the company capability, project references and establishments, business progress in India and to share the upcoming plans.

The sessions of technology exchange conference were comprised of brief introduction about TBEA Group & its Inverter division setup in Xián, China, R&D capabilities and achievements, presence across the globe, manufacturing and testing facilities available, progress of TBEA Inverters in India till date, roadmap of TBEA in India market with regards to installation base and concluding with further plans for India market.

Q. How lucrative is Indian market for you?

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. have been exploring India Market from more than 5 years now and have served almost all major clients namely ACME, Renew Power, KEC International, OPG Energy, KC Solar, Adani, BHEL, L&T, Enrich Energy, Maheshwari Mines, Rays Power Expert, Rays Power Infra, Avaada, Azure Power, etc.

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd., has always been praised about the product quality offered along with providing of after sales service, keeping customer first mindset helping company grow fruitfully in the solar energy sector. The big customer base have fruitfully awarded TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. to gain more than 2GW inverter supply in India and further counting.

Q. Is there any new technology on which currently you are working on?

Focusing on Indian solar market requirements, TBEA has launched 1500V 3.75MW & 5MW inverters into its product basket for 1000V & 1500V inverters with capacity 500kW to 5MW (Central Inverter).

TBEA Xián is one of the enterprises which has mastered a number of core technology independent research and development in PV grid inverter field. The company now has accomplished the development of the full range of the 3kW-5000kW grid-connected inverters, and the products have passed the authoritative industry certification such as CQC, TUV, VDE, CE, G59, BDEW, SAA, UL, and LVRT. This promises the assurance of best quality productions keeping the product quality standards up to the mark and reliable.

Q. How much budget does TBEA pumps into R&D?

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd., is a part of TBEA group, and inherits the engineering & manufacturing excellence of 70 years’ experience having a professional R&D team which mainly formed by Doctors & Masters. Firmly focusing on the development of photovoltaic grid connected control equipment, the company works under a concept of environment-friendly, reliability and efficiency. And now, the company has established R&D Centers and GW production bases in Xi’an and Hami, whose annual capacity is able to be beyond 10GW.

Q. How has the response in the utility Scale solar market been? What are the key challenges faced by you in this sector.

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd. have served all-round the solar industry by associating with almost all major key players Big & Small in the market namely ACME, RENEW, AZURE, AVAADA, ADANI, OPG, BHEL, Rays Power Infra, Rays Power Expert, KEC, L&T, ENRICH, KC Solar etc contributing to a total of 2GW+ supply record in India. ACME alone counts approx. 900MW of supply for their several projects in Andhra Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Punjab, etc.

Azure have been served with 1500V Outdoor solutions which successfully commissioned & running at their 10MW site in Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh), OPG 62MW in Karnataka, L&T 150MW in Karnataka, BHEL 20MW in West Bengal, Rays Power Infra 100MW in Karnataka, KEC 5MW in Himachal Pradesh, Rays Power Expert 50MW in Rajasthan, and still counting.

Overall cost & technology trends in solar inverters is a drag in market from 1000V solutions to 1500V solutions and due to this technology drag the cost lowers down by almost 10-12% in inverters & 0.5-2% in overall project cost and Indian solar industry have witnessed some really aggressive biddings in recent past, so the biggest challenge is to meet the decreasing Bids going as low as Rs 2.44 per kWh.

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