Viz-A-Viz with Khalid Nadeem, Chief Operating Officer – Solar Business, Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd

Q. Could you give us a brief overview of your company, various products & services and its contribution towards clean energy?

Khalid Nadeem

Khalid Nadeem, Chief Operating Officer – Solar Business, Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd

We, at SAEL, are committed to bring you economical and reliable solar power. We have years of experience, the complete knowhow and cutting-edge technology in harnessing solar power. Further we are a diversified group established in 1971, with an annual turnover of Rs. 3000 Cr.

SAEL’s expertise in solar energy is technology agnostic. We cover everything and include Ground Mounted, Rooftop, Canal Top, Trackers, etc.

We have a team with cumulative experience of more than 1 GW. In fact, SAEL has a pan India presence in solar energy solutions with an experienced team that is focused solely in the renewable energy sector. Needless to say, we employ the latest software for design engineering and maintenance.

Q. What are Sukhbir Agro’s ambitious plans for solar industry in India?

We are currently operating as IPP and EPC for both Utility Scale and Rooftop Project (Institutional & Commercial) and we intend to move further down the value chain by entering into manufacturing of Solar Cells/Module and Storage Solutions (Lithium –Ion Batteries) in next 1-2 years.

Q. What differentiate Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd from others?

Our priority is to optimize the project performance, and reduce the lifetime cost of energy, ensuring longer system life and high long-term return.

  • We use only the highest quality components, including tier 1 modules backed by robust linear degradation warranties, and other components supplies.
  • We match the system design with the location requirements, including wind speed, corrosion risks, maintenance requirements and other factors.
  • Our in-house engineering, procurement, projects and operation & maintenance teams work together closely on each project design.
  • We undertake rigorous shadow analysis to optimize the plant design, taking account of shadows from nearby objects throughout the year.

Q. Recently, Ministry of Finance has imposed safeguard duty on solar imports from China and Malaysia for two years, what are your views on the current scenario?

From developers prospective, it will have serious impact on project IRR if their PPA does not have pass- through clause and project may become financially unviable. On the other hand, this safeguard duty will give some breather to Indian Manufacturing from onslaught of module dumping from China. However, moving forward, Indian manufacturers has to improve quality and productivity to match with international standard to stand on their feet in future.

Q. In your view, how the tariffs will be affected after implementation of safeguard duty?

Solar Tariffs are already at its lowest level and developers are in no position to absorb the impact of 25% safeguard duty imposed on Imported PV Module. In my opinion, for new bidding there will be slight increase in tariff (30- 35 paisa/ Kwh) due to imposition of the 25% safeguard duty.

Q. What are the solar projects on which the company is currently working on or in queue?

We are currently working with MES, Railways and State Discoms for Utility Scale and Rooftop Solar Projects. More than 40 MW Solar Projects are currently under execution in various states.

Q. In near future, what will be the Sukbhir Agro’s expansion agenda for the solar sector?

We will continue to focus on increasing our market share of Solar IPP and EPC business in India and will expand our reach in Middle East and African Countries.

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