Cleanmax and The Huawei Experience

Cleanmax and The Huawei Experience

Chinese brand Huawei, which is a leading global ICT and network energy solutions provider, has been enjoying significant market share in the solar inverter space in India as well. Saur Energy International magazine talked to one of the clients of solar inverter manufacturer company, CleanMax Solar, during Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo 2019. CleanMax Solar is among the leading providers of solar power to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers across various verticals. Here’s what Ritesh Singhi, Chief Procurement Officer of CleanMax Solar shared about his experiences while working with Huawei as a business partner: Here’re the excerpts from that exclusive interview published in the Saur Energy International Magazine’s November 2019 edition:

Q. We understand you are a key Huawei customer. How did you decide on going with Huawei?

 Ritesh Singhi, Chief Procurement Officer of CleanMax Solar

Ritesh Singhi, Chief Procurement Officer of CleanMax Solar

Inverter is the heart of the solar plant and hence one of the most crucial and critical components. It must consistently and optimally perform for the entire life of the plant which is around 25 years. Huawei being the market leader has state of the art inverter products, and so it was an obvious choice for us. We have been associated with them for a long time now and hope to continue this productive association in the future.

Q. In India, does Huawei offer an advantage in terms of after sales support too? How do you rate them in that area?

Our association with Huawei has been fruitful and the after sales support, too, is efficient in handling matters of emergency with great care. In case of any requirement or red flags risen, their turnaround time has approximately been of 1-2 days and their team is available at the site to rectify the said issues. They have rendered to be of excellent assistance to us on time bound matters.

Q. Since how long have you been associated with Huawei and how has your experience been with them?

As a company, CleanMax Solar believes in high quality solar energy solutions with superior efficiency delivered to our clients. We only partner with vendors who share the same ideology and Huawei is an excellent example to the same. For our rooftop solar segment, we have had a long-standing partnership with Huawei. The quality and innovation that they bring in is of international standards and we are glad to be associated with them.

Q. How do you see inverters evolving in the coming years in India? Do you see Huawei maintaining their market leadership?

In India, the solar inverter market is highly untapped but with great potential. The contributing reason could be lack of domain expertise and relevant technology. Predominantly, in the solar sector, the supply chain is still in the nascent stage with components being imported and assembled in India. We are a developing nation and honing our knowledge in manufacturing components like IGBT and PCB circuits is yet to be benchmarked. Huawei’s world class technology and sector knowledge will continue to assist India to achieve our Renewable energy goals.

Q. Are they also providing any initial training to your ground team with respect to handling or maintenance of these inverters, or for emergencies?

Huawei has an excellent technical support team equipped with domain and functional expertise conducting training workshops for our employees. Such productive associations always help in the seamless and efficient functioning and to deliver optimal results to our corporate customers.

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