Zendure: A Rising Clean Energy Startup from Silicon Valley

Highlights :

  • Zendure has a mission to plant a million trees by 2025
  • The new SuperBase V introduced Solid-state battery technology for the first time
Zendure: A Rising Clean Energy Startup from Silicon Valley

Launched in 2013, Zendure is one of the fastest growing Clean EnergyTech start-ups based in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, USA and the Greater Bay Area in China and Japan. Its Co-Founder, Bryan Liu, is the highest official as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Zendure has continuously launched innovative products, and made rapid breakthroughs in the core technologies of outdoor energy storage and power supplies.

It is a retailer and manufacturer of consumer electronics, offering a range of eco-friendly products like power stations, cables, power adapters, chargers, hubs, external batteries, wall chargers, and power banks, fit for all kinds of applications for everyday use.

Strengthening its eco-friendly measures, Zendure keeps on improvising its products range which use electricity as their energy source. It has begun selling solar panels and rechargeable power stations and introduced solid-state battery technology as the most recent activity.


In total, the energy start-up has raised $1.8M in funding over 3 rounds. Its latest funding came on March 5, 2022, from a product crowdfunding round. More recently, Zendure received joint investment from Shanghai GP Capital and YOTRIO group in a multi-million dollar series-A round of funding.

Technology & Products

Zendure uses 21 technology products and services which include the likes of Google Analytics, HTML5, and jQuery. Further, it uses 72 technologies for its website including SPF, iPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Viewport Meta.

Including the popular class of ‘Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments’, Zendure also has three registered trademarks.

Range of Products

Recently, Zendure strengthened the arsenal of its eco-friendly range of products with the introduction of solid-state battery technology in its product lines. SuperBase V is the company’s new portable, high-performance power station featuring semi-solid state batteries for the first time. Its utility covers a variety of applications – including household backup power, mobile living, and portable EV charging.

The firm offers a variety of products in energy storage space. Some of its premier products are as follows.

SuperBase Pro Power Station

One of the best products of Zendure is its SuperBase Pro power station. SuperBase’s companion app offers to track green energy use and carbon reduction. It features a virtual space, ZenForest, within the app which flourishes as one progresses collecting more points. Consequently, the real trees are planted in the real world.

SuperBase Pro can be charged up to 80% in just one hour with a 1,800W power source. It gives a nominal output of 2000W. In addition, the firm claims to power up devices to 3000W using its patent, AmpUp technology.


Zendure’s SuperMini and SuperMini X3 are 30% smaller than traditional power banks with the same capacity. These small but efficient energy packs are easy to slip into a backpack or cargo pocket. For instance, their charging capacities can feed up to two and a half charging cycles to iPhone 13. Its X3 version gives a little additional capacity option if the base model seems insufficient. It is enough to suffice the power needs of smaller groups on a road trip boasting a 10000mAh battery capacity, charging 3 devices.

Passport III

Passport III is a Travel Adapter that can charge 6 devices at a time. Its GaN technology helps deliver up to 65W of power. In addition, the Passport III can also substitute a USB-C laptop’s charging adapter.

SuperTank Pro

Zendure SuperTank Pro has an impressive battery capacity of 26,800mAh (can charge an iPhone about 6 times). This model gives a charge up to 100W.

Additional Eco-Friendly Measures

The firm has additional climate goals as well. The non-commercial step towards environment protection and conservation includes its tree plantation initiative. Zendure has a mission to plant a million trees by as early as 2025, hoping to remove 100 million kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For this, the firm is working on its OneTreePlanted.org web space. The firm’s blending of commercial interests with its environmental duties is quite impressive. As the SuperBase Pro power station companion’s ZenForest grows, real trees are planted around the world in the name of the user.

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