Can Power Storage Become a Real Option for Managing Demand Peaks and Troughs? 

Can Power Storage Become a Real Option for Managing Demand Peaks and Troughs? 

Power Storage – Need of an Hour

Nowadays, electricity is generated from many sources including renewable energy, as most of the economies globally are rigorously shifting towards clean and green sources of power generation such as – solar and wind.

However, energy generation from different sources has variable outputs. Hence, power storage technologies have immense potential of smoothing out the power supply from different sources. It also helps in ensuring that the electricity supply should match the demand peaks and troughs. In case of less power demand, excess electricity produced from the grid will be stored, while at the time of peak demand, the stored energy will be released back to the grid.

energy storage technologies

Power storage has also become vital on the back of its rapid response even at the time of peak demand, as most of the power storage technologies began transmitting power back to the grid within milliseconds. While fossil fuel sources take longer as compared to them. At the time of an unexpected rise in demand, the rapid response will be helpful in ensuring Grid stability.

Storage – Boon for EVs

Besides, different kind of energy storage technologies such as batteries etc can also prove to be a boon in fulfilling rapid growing demand of Electric Vehicles (EVs) market globally. Storage technologies not only help in bolstering the use of EVs but also help in reducing carbon emission to a significant extent. The use of such technologies will also offer cheaper, clean & green energy along with energy independence. Hitherto, energy storage helped governments’ in shrinking overall cost of providing power.

Moreover, these days power storage technologies, with the help of solar energy, are also meeting the demand for electricity in many remote areas where power transmission from Grid is still not possible. Here’re a few other examples where stored energy is meeting the demand of power such as – Islands, microgrids or homes far away from the Grid which is more vulnerable to disruption.

Last but not the least, power storage has significantly proved helpful in power outage circumstances such as – natural calamities, accidents, terrorist attacks etc.

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