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Zunroof Solutions

Pranesh Chaudhary

Pranesh Chaudhary, Founder, Zunroof Solutions

Brief Details

Total employees: 150+

Turnover: Over Rs 50 crore

Key operational areas (Products, Regions, Clients): Design, Delivery and Diagnostics of rooftop solar solutions through an app. Present in 10+ states and 60+ cities.

Founder/promoter details: An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, Pranesh Chaudhary, had seven years of experience advising some of the largest financial services firms in the world before he founded ZunRoof in mid-2016 with his long-time friend from IIT days, Sushant Sachan.

Turning Point for the firm

Our own conviction not in the idea but in the team – for the first 6 months, we were not even getting 1 order a month and it was just the two of us meeting 100s of customers, creating marketing videos, writing the code for our 1st version of design app. But, we had fun working together and sold the same concept of fun while poaching some of our good friends and ex-colleagues for almost 0 salaries. We have hit many roadblocks in this journey but every time that belief in the team helps us propel forward.

Plans in next 3 to 5 years

We will put solar on the roofs of 1 million home-owners in the next 5 years and bring a taste of IOT to these customers along-with saving tonnes of money for them.

Biggest attraction in solar sector

Gets you in the customer’s homes while utilising an asset which was not yielding anything to its owner.

Biggest Challenge in solar sector

Awareness amongst home-owners.

Present State of Mind

The best advantage of a startup is its agility, so I never think of what would have been done differently. Instead, as soon as we identify any opportunity for improvements in our system, we implement it immediately. That’s how you grow.

One thing that has changed this year is that we are now not satisfied with a 3x year-on-year growth, we are looking at growing 8-10X every year with a solid unit economics. That throws tech and ops challenges every day at us and that is what ensures that I spend every waking hour thinking about ZunRoof.

Loom Solar

Amol Anand

Amol Anand, Director – Sales & Marketing, Loom Solar

Brief Details

Total employees: 40

Turnover:  Rs 25 crore

Key operational areas (Products, Regions and Clients): Loom Solar products are easily available across India and on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and website.

Founder/promoter details: It was founded in 2018 in Faridabad, Haryana by two brothers Amol Anand and Amod Anand, an ex-employee of Luminous and HomeShop18.

Turning Point for the firm – Solar Sector is one of the most challenging sectors to work with. As the product is of odd size, Fragile, transportation is difficult, all products looks similar and the demand supply is heavily controlled by government policies. Our approach has been digital to reach to the customers and sell premium high efficiency Mono crystalline solar panels which most of the players in the industry do not manufacture or sell. We focused on a segment which has been always ignorant that is residential home, Loom Solar caters to residential space and catering the demand from 10 Watt to 10 kW.

Plans in next 3 to 5 years

Loom Solar aims at very simple thing, we want to become India’s most popular brand in the solar space by 2020, and to achieve this, we will be reaching to 100 million customers in the country through digital platforms.

Biggest Challenge in solar sector

The sector is full of challenges, but as a startup if we do not face challenges and if we do not intend to solve the bigger problems, we cannot become super brands.

Present State of Mind

The name startup and doing business is always nice, but it also a fact that the other name of big problems is called startup. A startup must be sustainable, scalable and profitable. In our 1.5 year journey, today we have a strong 40 people team, more than 10,000 customers have a trust on us. I think this could have been built in lesser time for which we have taken 1.5 years.


Vibhas Verma

Vibhas Verma, Founder, Aqueouss

Brief Details

Total employees: 20

Turnover:  cannot be disclosed

Key operational areas (Products, Regions, Clients): Lithum Battery packs (Lithium ion, LiFePo4 and Lithium titanate battery.

Founder/promoter details: Vibhas Verma, Founder

Turning Point for the firm

The conviction our team had in themselves of becoming those first few inches of an entire mile. In this case, a Lithium Battery Start up was the first kick, and another quick positive boost we got post surviving more than two and a half years in this competitive industry that made us realise of what we are and what we can further be!

Plans in next 3 to 5 years

We would like to establish ourselves as a much bigger and a better brand of Lithium Battery Pack and also make our presence felt not only in India but at the global stage.

Biggest attraction in solar sector

All the developed and developing countries in the world have moved their focus to the different sources of sustainable energy or renewable energy thus leading to Lithium.

Biggest Challenge in solar sector

The challenge is to educate the consumer on the different qualities of Lithium Batteries available in the market and also the impact that Lithium Batteries can cause to the environment.

Present State of Mind

Satisfied yes but content no.

This market has just begun making its presence felt in India and all around the world. So there is a long way ahead of us and we shall not keep our goals and expectation limited because there are alot more avenues to explore that the industry offers.

Easy Solar Solutions

Lokesh Vats

Lokesh Vats, Director, Easy Solar Solutions

Brief Details

Total employees: 40+

Turnover:  Rs 59 crore

Key operational areas (Products, Regions, Clients): All over India and export in Gulf countries.

Founder/promoter details: Lokesh Vats, Director, Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Turning Point for the firm

My Keen attitude to meet new people and explore the solar products took me to business and my marketing skills helps me a lot.

Plans in next 3 to 5 years

To expand the business in India as well as European countries as we need to make everyone aware about solar and its benefit to environment.

Biggest attraction in solar sector

The importance of solar energy in saving the environment, without a high cost for doing it.

Present State of Mind

Somewhat satisfied as we are still behind in solar in compare to European countries, I had explored from Retail to Govt. sectors even worked in toughest areas in Jammu & Kashmir.

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