Solar Panels – No More Useless in the Rains/ Even Rains Can’t Stop The Solar Panels Now!

Solar Panels – No More Useless in the Rains/ Even Rains Can’t Stop The Solar Panels Now!

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Yes, you heard it right the newly designed hybrid solar panels are fully capable of generating electricity even when it rains. One of the major concerns about the solar technology is its intermittency issue, which leads to reliance on storage technology which can be expensive. Hence researchers are on the look-out of developing a new technology that can work uninterrupted, irrespective of the weather conditions.

How does it work?

A university in China made it possible by just adding two polymer layers on top of a solar cell.

This mechanism works on a technology known as triboelectric nanogenerator, or TENG. TENG is capable of creating an electric charge from the friction of two materials that rub each other. This property helps to absorb energy from the falling raindrops when they hit the panel surface.

In order to accomplish this, a hybrid solar panel is created incorporating the TENG technology. Two polymer layers are used to form a TENG on top of the solar panel. The polymer layer acts as an electrode and conducts energy between the TENG and solar panel when raindrops hits the surface. One of the layers is also grooved to help light reach the panels in a more focused way.

Adding extra transparent (polymer) layers does not disturb the normal working of a solar panel, which operates although at a less efficiency level.

Advantages & Scope

Though efforts in this direction are not new, this newly developed hybrid solar cell device is light weight, simple and efficient. The invention could prove to be revolutionizing as costs go down and efficiency of the device improves with time. Till then be happy about the fact that solar panels could even work at night if it rains at that time.

Lubi Solar Panels:

Lubi Solar Panels are made up of high efficiency solar cells procured from reputed global suppliers. These panels specialize in crystalline silicon technology and are available in both mono and polycrystalline make. It utilizes 4/ 5 busbar cell technology for higher efficiency. Lubi solar panels come with 25 years of linear performance warranty.

The Lubi Group of Industries was founded in 1965 with offering of submersible pumps under the brand name Lubi. Since 1997 Lubi electronics is in business of Industrial Automation products across India. Lubi electronics took its first step towards solar in 2012. Lubi solar division operates state of the art, fully automatic solar module manufacturing line and is a leading solar panel manufacturing company in India.

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