By When Do You Think The Road to Electric Vehicle Transition is Realistic?

After the Union Budget 2019, it is quite clear that Modi government 2.0 has fastened its seatbelt to take a ride on Electric Vehicles, but its transition speed needs to be made clear. Here are some views from a few industry veterans.

Mithun SrivatsaMithun Srivatsa
Co-Founder & CEO, Blowhorn

“The Government has been consistently pushing forward the EV mobility agenda and making efforts towards driving the shift to an EV-led transport and logistics ecosystem. While a transition to electric vehicles by 2030 is a daunting challenge, it is not impossible if all stakeholders come together to make it feasible as electric vehicles are gradually gaining growing popularity among people and corporates alike. There is a considerable buzz created around the feasibility of charging stations, but after close observations and studying the market and its endless possibilities, there are solutions to this problem too. We can look at battery swapping at fuel stations as an effective and easy solution. I am highly optimistic that India will see a massive transition towards EVs.”

Dev Dwibedy

Dev Dwibedy
Founder, MD, ZiP EV – Automind 360 LLP

“Shift to electric for <150cc two wheelers is possible by 2023 as specified only with strong push from Govt and the popular 2W manufacturers. Only when that milestone is achieved can we have a realistic chance of achieving complete electric transformation by 2030.”

M. Ragavendra

M. Ragavendra
Operations Manager, Etrio Automobiles Pvt Ltd

“As per business viability 2050 will be the year to achieve the goal…Even the government knows that the average speed of commuter in metros is 30 km/hr, but still consumer is not ready to accept EVs. Speed and recharge flexibility is lacking for customer as per our survey, The next game changer will be bringing in more EV Units and bring the price down as well.”

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Manu Tayal

Manu is an Associate Editor at Saur Energy International where she writes and edits clean & green energy news, featured articles and interview industry veterans with a special focus on solar, wind and financial segments.