Middle East Solar Industry Association’s Mid-year Solar Outlook 2021

The Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) is the largest solar trade association in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Established in 2009, it carries out solar-related activities and programs across the MENA region. The mid-year report is a more concise version of the MESIA Annual Outlook Report to be published in January 2022 but also features an insert on Qatar, which was not present in the report’s full edition.

MESIA reports that even after an unprecedented year, the pandemic did not impact the solar energy market of the MENA region. In April, the world witnessed one of the lowest bids for solar projects ever, recording $0.0104/kWh, at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s REPDO Round 2 tenders of the Al Shuaiba PV IP project.

Solar projects are currently moving ahead in many MENA countries. The trend of MENA governments focusing on energy diversification through the implementation of large-scale projects is set to continue in the future. The report will show different solar capacities installed and aimed to be installed in the MENA region.