Ozop Energy Receives 10 EV Charging Stations Order in Brooklyn

Ozop Energy Receives 10 EV Charging Stations Order in Brooklyn

New York based ultra-high-power chargers, inverters, and power supplies producer and distributor, Ozop Energy Solutions has announced receiving an extended order for 10 electric vehicles (EV) charging stations at a pre-incentive cost of USD 600,000. These chargers to be installed in Bical Auto Mall dealerships in Brooklyn, New York. 

Bical Auto Mall is the place to turn for new cars, trucks, and SUVs established in the industry for 30 years now. This order marking the first step in developing a regional NeoGrid Modular Network that will spark a new generation of electrical supply, storage & distribution.

Bical Auto Mall ordered four EV charging stations in February which has now increased to 10 charging stations after noticing a remarkable surge in the demand over the past three months. The initial order of USD 80,000 for four dual-port Level II Enel X Juice Pedestal chargers to be delivered and installed at two Bical locations was placed through wholly-owned subsidiary Ozop Energy Systems, Inc. and INF Associates, multi-state energy efficiency and EV support company. 

Additionally, an order for six more Level III rapid chargers, which could increase the sale by another USD 409,000 before allowances are applied, is in line for approval from Con Edison.

Speaking of receiving the order, CEO of Ozop Energy Systems, Brian Conway expressed, “This announcement is not just about an order for individual charging stations. This puts in motion our plan to eliminate the municipal grid or keep it as a luxury supplier instead of a necessary supplier of energy for electric vehicles.”

“As these systems are deployed, we are increasing our network which, modular by design, can be deployed in days not months or even years in many urban areas, and we plan to expand to other markets in the near future,” Brian added. 

Ozop Energy Systems is a leading producer and distributor of renewable energy products in the Energy Storage, Solar, Microgrids, and EV charging Station space. 

Recently on May 12, Ozop announced that as an introduction to its launching the development of commercial energy generation sites, and the opening of its OZOP East division, the company has subsequently received its first PO for USD 1.6 million of several energy components for use in the commercial market sector on the east coast. 

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