Sr. PV Performance Analyst

Nextracker Inc.

  • Hyderabad, India
Sr. PV Performance Analyst
Job Posted : Aug 27th, 2021

Job Description

The Nextracker Sr. PV Performance Analyst will be based in Hyderabad, India. You will use various PV performance analysis and modeling methods prevalent in the industry for understanding NEXTracker’s smart control system’s behavior. You will also explore and develop new tracking & modeling methods required for improving energy yield of Single Axis Tracker (SAT) systems.  If you’re looking for start-up speed at a solar company with the bankability and profitability of a world-class Fortune 500 parent company, Flex, this is the role for you.

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll do:-

  • Actively monitor and analyze solar resource data, PV performance data, and operations data from PV plants
  • Regularly compare performance data from simulations with field empirical data
  • Investigate causes for deviations from expectations and drive to resolution
  • Work with top Independent Engineering teams across world, to validate benefits of NEXTracker’s energy modeling tools
  • Develop and use physics based & empirical models of PV power plants
  • Develop methods and tools to monitor and report performance of PV plants to internal and external audience.

Here is some of what you’ll need (required):-

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field
  • At least 3 years of PV Performance Engineering experience.
  • Strong knowledge of Photovoltaic (PV) devices, PV plant system design, technology, and its performance characteristics
  • Experienced with analyzing PV performance data, using relevant metrics to evaluate performance, using the right filters to clean data.
  • Experienced with PVSyst, SAM, PV-LIB, and other PV software/models
  • Experienced with handling large data sets, and analysis tools in Python, Matlab, Excel or similar
  • Experience in statistical techniques and data with large amounts of noise, is a plus.
  • Proven ability to prepare technical reports and presentations to customers
  • Excellent communication & presentation skills
  • Experience with customer relations is a plus, but not required

We are looking for someone who demonstrates:-

  • Intense collaboration
  • Passionate customer focus
  • Thoughtful, fast, disciplined execution
  • Tenacious commitment to continuous improvement
  • Relentless drive to win


  • Hyderabad, India.

Company Overview:-

It’s no accident that Nextracker leads the industry in patented features and capabilities that increase plant performance and reduce costs for EPCs, developers and asset owners. Innovation and a customer-first attitude are embedded in our DNA.

When the company’s founders set out to redefine then-existing single-axis solar tracker technology, they started with a clean slate, designing and engineering a ground-breaking system with many factors in mind: durable, consistent performance in many site conditions; ease and speed of installation, commissioning and maintenance; self-adjusting algorithms for remote control; advanced monitoring and digital connectivity—all of which would lead to superior performance and lower overall cost of ownership to operate the plant.