Sr. Electronic Hardware Designer

Siemens Limited

  • Goa, India
Sr. Electronic Hardware Designer
Job Posted : Sep 12th, 2023

Job Description

  • Knowledge about Product in Digital Grid domain, Protection and Secondary distribution products
  • Product development R&D experience following development life cycle from Requirement Engineering, Requirement Analysis, design, develop, testing.
  • Interface with Product life cycle management, hardware/Firmware design, development, validation, verification, and manufacturing team

Professional Knowledge:-

  • Hands-on experience in High Speed Data sampling, High Speed ADC / DAC design, SAR ADC, Sigma delta ADC.
  • Microcontroller, Micro-processor, FPGA selection for High speed data acquisition system design,
  • Analog design for High Speed, Op-Amp design, Selection of Op-Amp for High Speed data acquisition, Filter design
  • Communication protocol like CAN, SPI and physical layer design for multi-board data acquisition system
  • Communication Block for High Speed data transfer, Experience with Optical, Ethernet based communication port design
  • Component selection criteria for High Speed design, Passive component, Definition for Power supply requirement for high speed data acquisition system
  • Test plan development and its transformation in to test firmware.
  • PCB design for High Speed Data acquisition system, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity Analysis, tool required for signal integrity and power integrity analysis
  • Design for EMI -EMC, Mechanical and Environmental compliance, Good hands-on about EMI EMC debugging specially with high speed data acquisition system, optimization for product applications.
  • Design for Low Power application, Product design for Noisy Environment, Design for Safety
  • Knowledge about Test and Validation equipment- High Speed Oscilloscope, Signal Analyzer for High Speed data acquisition system.
  • First time Right Design, Fail Fast Fail Cheap Design Methodology

Qualification And Experience:-

  • We are seeking for a Bachelors in Electrical / Electronics Engineering in related field with consistent record and demonstrated ability of minimum 15 years knowledge of High-Speed Digital Design.


  • Goa, India.

Company Overview:-

Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd in India is the legal entity that holds together top-notch R&D units of Siemens in India including Siemens Advanta Development India, Siemens Technology Research and Siemens Technology Intellectual Property. Together we continue Siemens’ legacy of paving the way for the future by envisioning and developing advanced technology solutions for digitalization, automation, and electrification for the world around us. Our offices are in Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon and Pune.