Social Expert


  • Min 5 - 10 Years
  • Noida, India
Social Expert
Job Posted : Jun 4th, 2021

Job Description

The Social Expert will oversee the strengthening of social risk- and impact management practices within Avaada, with particular focus on land, migrant labour, indigenous peoples, community consultation, stakeholder engagement and implementation of CSR Plan in general.

The Specific Tasks Cover the Following:-

1. Work with Avaada’s operational teams on daily project development activities;

  • Correctly applying the IFC Performance Standards and ADB Safeguards Policy Statement (2009) in the land acquisition process and in the community consultation process prior, during and after completion of land acquisition (specifically: Performance Standard 1, and Performance Standards 5 and 7 to the extent applicable), in close collaboration with the land-acquisition teams within Avaada and with the external parties involved (community representatives; service providers such as consultants, aggregators or facilitators; government representatives).
  • Manage the assignment and execution of the social impact assessment perspective in the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and land acquisition processes (including scoping, socio-economic baselines, vulnerability analysis, mitigants and monitoring plans), in close collaboration with the environmental experts and the project development teams within Avaada, and with external consultants.
  • Formulate recommendations to the project design and implementation, ensuring the early integration of social risk/impact considerations and adherence to the mitigation hierarchy.
  • Supervise the setting up and implementation of management- and monitoring plans related to social impacts (e.g. migrant labour management plans, labour audits, livelihood restoration plans or resettlement action plans, indigenous peoples plans as the case may be).
  • Ensure the timely preparation of monitoring and audit reports related to the above.

2. Identify lessons learned for the continuous improvement of the corporate E&S Management System (ESMS) and business processes:-

  • Present clear proposals to the Company’s senior management regarding the incorporation of social risk/impact considerations into the ESMS and business processes.
  • Hold periodic trainings within the Company.
  • Engage with the E&S experts of the Investors.

3. CSR Activities:-

  • Carrying out impact assessment studies or need based assessment studies within the proposed project footprint area.
  • Preparation of site specific CSR Plans & its implementation.
  • Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Regular monitoring & reporting of the CSR programs and provide regular progress report to the CSR Committee of the Board.

4. Advise senior management on the strategic implications of integrating ADB and IFC social requirements into the business processes.

Qualifications And Experience:-

The Social Expert should be a graduate/post-graduate in Social Sciences with 5-10 years of experience in implementing ADB and IFC requirements in infrastructure projects in India.

The Social Specialist must have an outstanding track record in the following domains:

  • Preparation of socio-economic baseline surveys, stakeholder engagement plans, community grievance mechanisms, livelihood restoration and resettlement frameworks and monitoring plans.
  • Experience in the implementation of decent work conditions – including (sub)contractor management plans
  • Working knowledge of land rights in India.
  • Application of IFC Performance Standard 7 (Indigenous Peoples) and ADB Safeguards requirements 2 & 3 in India.
  • Past work experience in human rights and/or public interest NGOs is considered a strong advantage.

Desired Experience:-

  • Carrying out impact assessment studies or need based assessment studies within the proposed project footprint area.
  • Preparation of CSR Plans & its implementation.
  • Stakeholder Engagement.


  • Noida, India.