SME – Solar Tracker Structure

Larsen & Toubro limited

  • Chennai, India
SME – Solar Tracker Structure
Job Posted : Oct 19th, 2023

Job Description

  • Responsible for timely, innovative, cost effective and workable engineering solutions for innovative and complex Structural Engineering challenges identified for Renewable Energy Sector. 
  • The SME shall co-ordinate with of other disciplines viz., Electrical, MEP and others (BU) for receiving innovative and complex challenges and deliver necessary solutions.
  • The SME shall be able to prepare / review the tracker structural calculations, bring in structure design optimization, bring in innovative solutions, review of tracker vendor documents, foundation design and review, Integration of tracker with module cleaning robots (ARCS).
  • SME shall advise the Engineering team members as required to gain exposure and expertise to manage the Structural Engineering activities within budgeted cost / quantity, deliver on time and maintaining a high quality of engineering.


  • SME will be responsible to solve challenging Structural Engineering issues by incorporating innovative designs, materials, assembly / manufacturing processes etc., which leads to techno-commercially advanced product, solutions leading to successful commercialization of such innovative designs / products offering an edge over competitors and over existing engineering practise as required by different Business Units of PTD IC.
  • Must be capable of preparing detailed technical specifications and 2D / 3D designs / drawings, detailed BoM, construction methodology, production friendly design, cost effective materials / methods, defining necessary test procedure, standards and compliances, 3rd party certifications, conduct and assess results of field trials to commercialize R&D products / technologies.
  • Must possess proven command over innovative materials and advanced manufacturing techniques / tools for cost-effective production.
  • Provide necessary advice / recommendations / solutions to critical structural design issues faced by project engineering teams of different BUs to enable them towards
    • Correct interpretation of contract specification to ensure proper adherence to the scope of work and technical requirements.
    • Receiving necessary approvals from Clients, Consultants, or other parties as per project requirements
    • Review and recommend over critical issues pertaining to Structural Engineering
    • Risk analysis for taking proper decisions, analysing the risk, impacts and mitigation measures.
  • Generating Intellectual Property (IP) and knowledge sharing for the company through
    • Filling and defending existing and new patents, design registrations, copyrights etc.
    • Presentation of findings through research papers, popular talks in seminars, white papers, podcasts etc as per Company Policy.


  • Doctorate / M.Tech. in the field of MECHANICAL Engineering


  • 5+ years after Post Graduation OR 2 years of experience after Ph.D. in solar tracker industry.
  • The experience shall cover practice in real time operating projects in the industry and in academics.
  • Exposure in Renewable Energy sectors like Solar Tracker Construction in the field of Structural Engineering.
  • Experience in analysing structures (Steel) subjected to mechanical / operating loads, mechanical vibrations, knowledge about CFD/FEA analysis, Wind Tunnel Study, load stresses and behaviour of structures would be an advantage.

Technical Expertise:-

Should be Proficient in following areas:-

  • Structural Analysis and Finite Element Analysis
  • Analysis of framed structures, Plates and shells
  • Applications of finite element for elastic stability
  • Mechanics of Structural Materials
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Metals and Polymers. Constitutive relation, deformation maps.
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Frictional materials. Stress-strain and strength behaviour of frictional materials such as soils, rock, concrete, and Steel
  • Stability and Nonlinear Analysis
  • Stability of Structures. Bucking of bars, frames, and trusses
  •  Nonlinear Structural Analysis
  • Numerical solution of nonlinear algebraic equations, implicit and explicit time integration techniques
  • Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  • Nonlinear MDOF systems, Numerical Integration Algorithms
  • Vibration control techniques, Tuned Mass Dampers, Seismic base isolation
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures and Prestressed Concrete Structures
  • Design of reinforced concrete elements, flat slabs and yield line theory-based design
  • Steel Structures
  • Design of Cold Formed Steel (CFS), light gauge steel / Aluminium structures
  • Design of connections – Riveted, Bolted and Welded
  • Composite hybrid design
  • Sway and Non-sway frames
  • Plastic analysis of structures
  • Floating Structures
  • Anchoring and Mooring analysis and design
  • Wind Analysis
  • Analysis and design of profiles and materials

Operating Network:-

  • Internally:  PEMs, Head of EDRC, BU Heads & Project heads, Reportees, Supply Chain Management, Quality, Contracts Team, Cluster Heads, Safety through proper channel.
  • Externally: Clients at decision making level & Consultant (Team Leads) through Engineering team on need basis.

Key Performance Indicators:-

  • Productivity, On Time Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Development of Team members
  • Innovative Solutions in Projects

Software Skills Required:-

  • ANSYS, ABAQUS, Solid works CAD, solid works flow simulation.
  • MS Office tools

Behavioural Attributes:-

  • Innovative and out of box thinking mindset,
  • Self-motivated and unsupervised working
  • Leadership and problem solving
  • Efficient management of resources (Human, Time, Financial)
  • Efficient communication and presentation skills (all forms)


  • Chennai, India.

Company Overview:-

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) is an engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and project management company providing integrated ‘design to build’ solutions to large and complex Offshore and Onshore hydrocarbon projects worldwide. As a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), a USD 21 billion technology, engineering, construction, projects, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is positioned to sharpen its focus on service to its customer base and enhance responsiveness in all its engagements. The subsidiary continues to draw on the parent company’s organizational strengths and experience. More than three decades of proven experience and extensive capabilities are backed by IT-enabled processes and digitalization techniques. The Company adheres to global quality norms and HSE standards ensuring reliability and on-time delivery. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering caters to the needs of its client base in multiple geographies – India, the Middle East, CIS countries, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Americas and Europe. Conscious of its larger responsibilities as a corporate citizen, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is committed to the development of the communities around its facilities and project sites.