Senior Manager Operation Excellence – APAC


  • Chennai, India
Senior Manager Operation Excellence – APAC
Job Posted : Jan 16th, 2024

Job Description

If you are looking for an opportunity in Operation Excellence, Emerson has this exciting role for you! Operations Excellence Manager is to contribute Global Operational Excellence in all functions, all plants across the Asia Pacific region.


  • Implement Express Offer & Preferred Parts management at all  Emerson APAC sites.  Coordinate sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and procurement to establish a mature process for Ship from Stock & Assemble-to-Order Products.
  • Implement the Operational Excellence “Playbook” and drive adoption of the key programs at all Emerson APAC sites.  Identify demand planning, S&OP, forecasting, production planning, materials planning, inventory management, and customer service improvement opportunities.
  • Facilitate value chain projects by working with Emerson teams to identify, prioritize, and resource projects.  Review product family trends, manage mix, and provide support to the site planning managers to establish root cause analysis for inventory or service issues.  Study and recommend subsidiary inter-dependency improvements.
  • Continuously improve Operational Excellence process, tools, and techniques.  Utilize 6 Sigma, Lean and project management tools. Identify, document and leverage best practices across all DAUT sites around the globe to assist APAC.
  • Drive cultural change to customer-centric operational excellence across Emerson APAC. Engage all functional areas within Emerson to share Operational Excellence concepts, benefits, and strategies. Leverage Emerson resources to train teams on Operational Excellence.
  • Establish common metrics, data definitions and business processes to support service level, inventory, and demand/forecast improvements.
  • Other activities as required to achieve defined job objectives.
  • Continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness ; ensure the right people in the right place with adequate support, implementing the annual plan of Department to deliver results in accordance with the adopted budget assumptions.
  • Ensuring the system and the resources to achieve the objectives.
  • Managing, controlling and optimizations of the resources in order to achieves goals and accepted results,
  • Rapidly implementing a Discrete Automation Production System which includes the following-
    • Visual factory- Pacing the value object against TAKT
    • Creating Leader Standard work to respond to abnormalities.
    • Structured problem-solving training and application across the sites
    • Value Stream Analysis to identify waste opportunities and projects to remove.
    • Gemba walks to “Go See Go Learn Go Solve”
    • Coach to maintain Emerson’s 5S/Visual Plant Standards
  • Lead teams through Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri).
  • Lead large cross functional teams through Kaizen/Kaikaku
  • Coach leadership in plants to Emerson’s Operational Excellence standards

Qualifications And Experience:-

  • Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent in Engineering.
  • Proficient in MS Office Suites such as MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

For This Role, You Will Need:-

  • Relevant experience Minimum of 10 years’ experience, with some combination of experience in key functional roles:  supply chain, operations, engineering, product planning, demand management.
  • Advance knowledge of English in speak and writing.
  • Willingness to travel


  • Chennai, India.

Company Overview:-

Emerson, a Fortune 500 company with $18.4 billion in sales, more than 20 Innovation, Solutions & Engineering Centres, and 200 manufacturing locations worldwide, is committed to helping employees grow and thrive throughout their careers. We are innovators, question-askers and problem-solvers. We don’t settle for good enough or “This is the way it’s always been done.” Instead, we push ourselves and strive for the “never been done before.