Senior Engineer / Asst. Manager Quality (IAT)

Atlas Copco (India) Ltd.

  • Pune, Maharashtra
Senior Engineer / Asst. Manager Quality (IAT)
Job Posted : Feb 2nd, 2023

Job Description

General Aspects:-

  • Support and promote PNE’s Mission of being recognised as a Reference Product Company.
  • Act and inspire others to act according to PNE’s vision of becoming a Home of Industrial ideas with passionate employees.
  • Strengthen Atlas Copco’s position as the undisputed market leader for all products produced in India closely cooperating with Customer Centres.
  • As a member of the Management team, actively participate in the continuous development and execution of the PNE Strategy Deployment
  • Promote and ensure the Group’s Core Values Interaction, Commitment and Innovation, guidelines and policies laid down in The Way We Do Things
  • To become & remain First in Mind – First In Choice for our customers, you are expected to provide a World Class Customer Experience by providing Best-in-Class Products and Service, That are Safe, of the highest Quality, Delivered on time at the right Cost.
  • Support the Group’s Ambition to be the “Home of Industrial Ideas”
  • Develop and support a spirit of transparency, open communication, fairness, non-discrimination and respect for the individuals in all areas of operation
  • We all need to take a proactive role in creating a sustainable organization where processes are not dependent on individuals.
  • Continuously look into ways to support Environmental Sustainability initiatives in our operations.
  • Develop, assign and follow up specific actions in order to achieve the results as per the objectives defined with the General Manager of the Company and through the divisional BRM and CRM
  • Important part of your mission is to build, inspire and coach a strong team with special focus on retention and development of talents and good performers with potential to grow within the organisation
  • Continuously work towards a more efficient, leaner, transparent, digital and operationally reliable processes which are not dependant on individuals
  • Prepare department specific Strategy Deployment documentation, plan of execution, as well as written Missions to all leading positions
  • Embrace and develop our Modularity & LEAN Principles across the organization. A special emphasis should be placed on Kaizen & Visual management to ensure sustainability & transparency in our process. Putting in place the necessary department standards and documentation are key requirements to ensure a successful Continuous Improvement process.
  • In this rapidly evolving world Agility will be key to our success.  Modularity will play a vital role in being able to nimbly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Modularity will have a profound impact on in the way that we develop & produce products as well as on the organizational structure/culture. You will need to learn how modularity works, what its benefits are, and how it will impact the organization.  You are then expected to implement the necessary changes in the organization to support in the transformation toward a modular organization.
  • Actively plan and implement digitalization activities to support the company’s Industry 4.0 journey for improved customer experience and increased efficiencies
  • Interact with other PNE departments as well as other Group units in a constructive, productive and unselfish way that supports the development of synergies, efficiencies and consolidated result of the Group. Foster a spirit of High Performing Teams
  • Safeguard integrity and transparency of operations and of the legal structure by making sure that FAM and Business Code of Practice is understood and applied where relevant
  • Take a leading role in creating a diverse working environment especially looking into ways we can increase the percentage of women in the organization.

Specific to the function:-



  • Responsible of the Quality Excellence, for incoming parts and reporting back quality issues to suppliers and take corrective action plan.

Targets 2022- 25:-

  • to lead pro-active actions,
    • Drive analysis and actions on customer complaints to reduce the PPM, improve the perceived quality and customer satisfaction.
    • striving for a stable quality flow, supplier communication and drive actions to improve the parts quality, efficient reporting back the quality issues to supplier by means of system and take / monitor corrective actions, clear reactivity monitoring on the issues reported
    • Able to enhance PC Chakan NPS on Quality perception, in order to allow additional market share, especially on Export opportunities, but also to expend the Product Presence through new localized product portfolio.
    • Timely conducting product qualification and make sure product meets the required quality standards to make the product company “Reference product company”
    • Conduct monthly Product Audits and planned process Audits to achieve the quality standards
    • Make sure all the required tools in use are calibrated and no tools being used are out of calibration

Respect IMS principal, and AC Guidelines:-

  • IMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 50001 & OHSAS) mandatory, legal & internal requirement fulfilment for manufacturing function.
  • Hazard identification & risk assessment for Test cell and Packing process.
  • to implement a Lean communication on Supplier Quality, able to handle supplier parts certificates, parts drawing, rejection claim, supplier reimbursement flow … by using Be2Net modules, KPI Qlikview, CKD …

Main responsibilities:-

  • Drive a pro-active process,
    • Make sure the suppliers not adhering to quality requirements are highlighted to management by means of PQM and getting the Audits and corrective action on top priority.
      • Be an active member in project meetings and share the learning to improve product quality standards
      • Making the quality visible by means of Andon review / communication to cross functional teams and suppliers for Supplier Audits, its regular Evaluation and reporting,
      • Tracking of Supplier Quality performance  & trends
      • Raise the flag in case of repetitive issues from same supplier.
      • Non-quality parts use needs to have quality deviation , track and monitor for corrective action and permanent solution
      • Reporting all quality issues in system
    • regarding the Warranty claims trend (due to suppliers parts),
      • Support TCM activities
      • Get corrective actions and report analysis and supplier competence on PQM
    • up to the Kaizen improvement activities (from supplier & PC side)
      • Action plan tracking on short term & long term scope
      • Develop networking to have a supplier base with an International Quality Mind-set.
      • Promote Supplier Quality integrated Process, able for example to avoid final test measurement
      • Use of advanced tools/concept like FMEA, 6-sigma, 8D report
  • Lead a Proactive process
    • Anticipate deviation which can come by studying the process maps/ QAP and supplier process setup
    • Based on process audit’s , review process and provide fool proof process to avoid assembly errors / fitment issues
    • Conduct and Lead Quality meetings on regular intervals, so discuss the issues and define / update process along with CFT members.
  • Lead a reactive process,
    • Update and monitor ZDS/No ZDS part list
    • catch potential deviation
    • confirm issues, and decide for eventual deviation
    • quickly implement containment actions
    • define the 5why root cause,
    • find solutions
    • organize the corrective actions
    • lead the claim Management at Supplier

Way 2 Operation Excellence:-

Create a culture of Continuous improvement and employee involvement to establish and sustain the world class manufacturing practices viz, 5S, Lean, Kaizen, JIT,

  • Lost Takt
  • Efficiency
  • WIP
  • Andon
  • Perceived Quality
  • Number of Kaizen
  • Safety Score & Risk observation
  • 5S Audit Score

Customer Satisfaction:-

Spearhead the production team to improve the (Behaviour Based Quality)

  • Response Time
  • Time to Solution.
  • FTR
  • Light Tunnel / Perceived Quality
  • Defect on Arrival (DOA) trend reduction
  • Support the NPD process, in due time,
    • Qualification of NPD product and process
    • Qualify the new parts vs Specification targets
    • Review and follow the Quality Plans, PPAP for pilot batch, BPCS parameters

General responsibilities:-

  • Respect & Contribute actively to the SHE procedures (Safety, Health, Environment)
  • Promote ideas for continuous improvement & innovation
  • Interact on-time, with transparency & commitment with colleagues & managers
  • Maintain respectful and polite relationship with all contacts.

 Educational requirements:-

  • You should have a technical degree from a recognized University, in (Mechanical/Electrical/Production/Industrial) Engineering or other relevant discipline

Experience Requirements:-

  • 5 – 8 years of experience in Quality in Engineering / Automotive industry
  • Sound knowledge of ISO and TS standards
  • Sound knowledge of Core Quality tools, PPAP, APQP, FMEA,SPC;  ERP: BPCS/SAP system
  • Problem Solving skills and Result orientation
  • Knowledge of Modern Manufacturing tools like Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TPM or similar improvement methodologies and business excellence is necessary.

Personality requirements:-

  • Self-motivated, highly organized, capable of working independently
  • Excellent result-oriented leadership, strong but flexible personality, ability to create and maintain a good communication in all levels
  • Able to prioritize and adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment, having Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team spirit


  • Pune, Maharashtra.

Company Overview:-

Established in 1960, We provide our customers with the solutions they need to enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals. At Atlas Copco India, we deliver value and innovate with the future in mind. Our passionate people, expertise and service bring sustainable value to industries everywhere. We are a part of the Atlas Copco Group, with extensive local presence, and our innovative compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems help our customers achieve maximum efficiency and produstivity. Our nationwide service personnel are always close at hand to provide repairs, service and spare parts locally. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities today at Pune and Chakan, the company has a global engineering competency centers for compressors at Pune.