Senior Electrochemical Engineer


  • Vadodara, Gujarat
Senior Electrochemical Engineer
Job Posted : May 26th, 2022

Job Description


  • Deliver process engineering services that meet Worley’, its customers’ and applicable statutory and regulatory specifications, on time and within budget.
  • Initiate, manage and if required supervise process engineering project requirements.
  • Perform process engineering services such as:
    • participate in relevant meetings, prepare progress reports and follow required checking procedures;
    • ensure the project scope is clear and that changes comply with project change management processes;
    • provide assistance and advice during procurement, construction and commissioning activities. For example, write requisitions, conduct technical bid evaluations and write purchase orders.
    • If required, act as the process engineering Lead on specific projects.
  • If responsible for a team:
    • outline project requirements including actively promoting workshare, where appropriate, assign tasks and supervise progress; and
    • ensure the required services meet Worley, its customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, on time and within budget.
  • Proactively resolve any discrepancies between Worley and its Customer’s requirements.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments and technical innovations in process engineering.
  • If required, assist and support junior personnel within the process engineering team.
  • Communicate effectively with the process engineering team and project stakeholders, including the Customer.
  • Identify issues and problems, develop appropriate solutions, and ask for assistance when required

Education and Qualifications, Accreditation, Training:-

  • A Chemical Engineering Degree from a recognised university
  • Should have 14+ years of Experience

Role Requirement:-

  • Candidate should have a strong background in metals production via electrolysis, electrochemistry, electrolytes chemistry in general; especially magnesium electrolysis process, including process specifications and waste treatment conditions.
  • Must have direct project process designing, execution, commissioning and/or operations experience on full scale commercial magnesium metal production facility.
  • Ideal to have at least one direct multi-disciplinary engineering management experience.
  • Must have direct experience in developing PFDs, material and energy balances, P&IDs, carrying out HAZOPs, 3D reviews etc.
  • Must have detail engineering experience (IFC drawing preparation)
  • Ideal candidates will have experience in and be champions for data-centric design and project delivery methods.
  • Direct experience in leading large process teams on complex project
  • Experience with multi-disciplinary team interface management
  • Able to estimate process engineering estimates @ +/-5% accuracy.
  • Organize resources, budget and time as per scope
  • Organize overall process execution
  • Ability to conduct process calculation and simulations.
  • Flexible to adapt working hours to different time zones.


  • Vadodara, Gujarat.

Company Overview:-

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