PV Design Engineer

Four Solar Energy Systems Pvt Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
PV Design Engineer
Job Posted : Nov 1st, 2022

Job Description

The PV Design Engineer is responsible for providing innovative and comprehensive solutions in the design engineering for commercial and utility-scale solar projects. The engineer will work in a collaborative, team environment.


  • Develop conceptual 3D renderings with AutoCAD and SketchUp software for the design of PV ground-mounted and rooftop systems.
  • Perform accurate system sizing calculations.
  • Create electrical single-line diagrams, cable losses, connection diagrams, and cable tray routing for the project.
  • Generate PVsyst reports for system production estimates.
  • Execute designs that adhere to grid compliance and permitting requirements.
  • Generate detailed bills of materials based on system specifications.
  • Coordinate with the team to develop complete proposal packages.
  • Troubleshoot design and construction issues in the field.

Educational Qualifications and Work Experience:-

  • Master in Electrical/ Electronics/Energy Engineering
  • Experience in designing commercial Solar projects.
  • Knowledge and working experience with simulation software like PVsyst and PV-Sol.
  • Knowledge and working experience with AutoCAD and SketchUp.


  • Bangalore, India.

Interested candidates, please share your CV at – [email protected] and also briefly describe your experience with the design of Solar PV Projects.

Company Overview:-

4Solar offers a complete design and engineering of PV installations from DC to AC. Technical insight within our team helps us design PV systems that comply with local laws and regulations, ultimately helping our customers make informed decisions about PV installations and related investments. 4Solar enables our customers to use ultra-high resolution images of buildings, roofs, and PV installations for Engineering, Management, and Maintenance. This helps our customers not only observe the roofs in great detail but also increase the ‘first time right’ rate of engineering .