Plant Electrical Maintenance – Diversity

ZF India Pvt Ltd

  • Guindy, Tamil Nadu
Plant Electrical Maintenance – Diversity
Job Posted : Apr 1st, 2024

Job Description

  • Equipment Maintenance Conduct regular inspections, troubleshoot, repair, and perform preventive maintenance on factory electrical systems, machinery, and equipment to ensure operational reliability and safety.
  • Electrical Troubleshooting Diagnose and resolve electrical faults, malfunctions, and breakdowns in a timely manner to minimize production downtime and maintain quality standards.
  • Safety Compliance Ensure that all electrical systems and installations adhere to safety regulations and standards. Proactively address electrical safety concerns and participate in safety audits to maintain a secure working environment.
  • Emergency Repairs Respond to electrical emergencies and breakdowns promptly, assess the situation, and implement effective solutions to restore operations efficiently.
  • Documentation and Reporting Maintain detailed records of electrical maintenance activities, including equipment logs, repair reports, and spare parts inventory. Generate performance reports and provide recommendations for system upgrades or replacements when necessary.

Qualification And Experience:-

  • Electrical Expertise Hold a relevant degree or certification in electrical engineering or a related field, with a strong knowledge of industrial electrical systems and maintenance practices.
  • Experience Possess substantial experience (5+ years) in electrical maintenance within a manufacturing or industrial environment, demonstrating a deep understanding of electrical systems.
  • Troubleshooting Skills Exhibit strong analytical and troubleshooting abilities to identify and rectify electrical issues efficiently.
  • Safety Awareness Prioritize safety and adhere to electrical safety protocols and regulations, ensuring the wellbeing of employees and the integrity of equipment.
  • Communication and Documentation Have excellent communication skills and attention to detail to effectively communicate maintenance activities, generate reports, and maintain accurate records.


  • Guindy, Tamil Nadu.

Company Overview:-

ZF Wind Power puts wind energy in motion! The ZF Wind Power Business Unit is part of the ZF group which is known as one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. Within our unit we develop, validate and service gear units used in wind turbines producing sustainable energy and we are doing this for more than 40 years! Today we build new drivetrain solutions to meet the requirements of the future. As wind turbines continue to grow we are continuously pushed outside of our engineering boundaries, which makes it a challenging engineering environment to work in.