Machine Learning Specialist

ZF India Pvt Ltd

  • Hyderabad, India
Machine Learning Specialist
Job Posted : Aug 2nd, 2021

Job Description

  • You will support the transfer of new machine learning solutions into future ZF software and services in fields such as digitized manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and autonomous driving.
  • Implement newly emerging machine learning technologies, implement and benchmark them in business use cases. You develop and implement network architectures and training algorithms.
  • Your responsibility includes implementing new machine learning libraries and integrating them into existing ones. Strong team player with an affinity for research and motivation for working in an interdisciplinary and international team.
  • Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to be a part of a research group to publish new paper ideas and file ML-based patents. You work in agile and scrum projects. Good communication, strong analytical skills, team-oriented, initiative, perseverance, and attention to details.
  • Self-organized and able to estimate, prioritize and schedule own tasks. Software documentation, tracking (ex: Jira), and versioning tools. Fluent in English; German can be an advantage. Previous experience in the Manufacturing, Automotive industries is a direct advantage.

Qualifications And Experiences:-

  • Education: Excellent degree (Master) in computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering or related fields with excellent grades. 4-5 years Experience in Python with some experience in C++. Experience in Supervised, semi-supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms and architectures. Proficient with Training of Detection/Classification/Segmentation Models with TensorFlow / Py Torch/ Sk learn etc. Good Theoretical and Practical Knowledge with the fundamentals of Deep Learning, eg. CNNs, LSTMs, Transformers, Regularization Techniques, etc.
  • Proficient experience in generative modelling (GANs), Representation learning/ Graph-based algorithms. Familiarity with State-of-the-Art Models like YOLO-series, Efficient Net, etc. Proficient in developing Deep Learning Model Pipelines.
  • Experience in working with Model Optimization for Intel and Nvidia Hardware. Experience in FP16/Mixed Precision and INT8 Optimized Inference. Skilled at data visualization tools like Power BI, and Pythonic libraries. Experience in working with multi-dimensional data. Top-notch communication skills to convey key insights from complex analysis, both oral and written.
  • Experience with Cloud Services (AWS/Azure). Deployment of ONNX / Py Torch Models at scale. Experience with REST APIs and ASGI/WSGI Serving frameworks (eg. Flask, Tornado, Django, etc.). Experience in INT8 Training (Quantization Aware Training). Experience/Knowledge of TensorFloat32 and BFloat16 Training/Inference.


  • Hyderabad, India.

Company Overview:-

In India, ZF is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions and services that is shaping mobility trends in the country. The group has had operations on the subcontinent for over three decades. In fact, the U.S. company TRW, which was acquired by ZF in May 2015, has been in India for roughly half a century. Most of ZF Group’s strategic divisions and business units are already present in India and cater to the automotive and non-automotive segments in the country.