Lead Grid Modelling Engineer


  • Bangalore, India
Lead Grid Modelling Engineer
Job Posted : Nov 17th, 2023

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:-
  • Support assessment of BESS solutions to comply with Generator Performance Standards (GPS) for grid connections.
  • Manage grid modelling studies for BESS system grid connections, including model troubleshooting and technical support.
  • Undertake preliminary modelling and assessments (such as Model Acceptance Tests)
  • Management and provision of registration (R1) and commissioning (R2) documents and technical information (such as performance curves, datasheets, model user guides (RUGs) etc.) and provision of project-specific documents when required.
  • Collaboration with design teams for preparation of key design items affecting grid connections, including voltage control strategy, plant performance curves etc,
  • Review and inform BESS and BoP designs for grid connected BESS assets to ensure GPS and Registration compliance.
  • Manage stakeholders (internal, customer, consultant, regulatory etc.) to ensure grid connections are achieved end-to-end in a timely manner, including attending meetings and providing progress reports.
  • Assist technical teams in maintaining and updating proprietary PPC and OEM dynamic models.
Secondary Responsibilities:-
  • Conduct feasibility and locational studies utilizing dynamic and grid models to identify and evaluate opportunities.
  • Support modelling requirements and activities in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Collaborate with technical teams to develop new PPC solutions.
Qualifications And Experience:-
  • Engineering degree in Electrical or Power Systems
  • PhD or Master’s in Power Systems preferred
  • 5-8 years of experience, preferably in the energy sector
  • Experience in review of grid connection compliance design.
  • National Electricity Market (NEM) grid connection experience, especially BESS Generator Performance Standards (GPS) and Registration experience preferred
  • Generator and power systems modelling experience
  • Experience with PSS/E, PSCAD, Power Factory software
  • Experience in negotiation with major stakeholders, such as clients, consultants, contractors and authorities
  • Experience in high pressure environment


  • Bangalore, India.

Company Overview:-

Fluence is the leading global energy storage technology and services company, created and backed by Siemens and AES, two industry powerhouses and pioneers in energy storage. Fluence unites the scale, experience, breadth, and financial backing of the two most experienced icons in energy storage.

Our mission is to create a more sustainable future by transforming the way we power our world. Energy storage is critical to this transformation, yet today the market is fragmented and customers face the challenge of finding a trusted technology partner amidst conflicting technical claims, inexperienced vendors and installers, and new market entrants with limited power sector knowledge.

Fluence brings the proven technology solutions and services that overcome the commercial and regulatory barriers that stand in the way of modernizing our energy networks. We are the partner that can deliver at a global scale with the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the world.