Heat Transfer Engineer


  • Bangalore, India
Heat Transfer Engineer
Job Posted : Aug 19th, 2022

Job Description

As Heat Transfer Engineer, you will work on Heat Transfer solutions that directly impact process safety, reliability, and production optimization.  You will support the Assets team to ensure the assets are safe, reliable, and maximizing operating margin. You will have a direct influence in work processes including equipment safeguarding, pro-active technical monitoring, design development and design changes, incident investigations, root cause analysis, STORM training, technical training course delivery.

You will provide technical assurance and expertise to support production and interventions. In some cases, you will be asked to provide input to technology and/or project development activities including newer energies business aligned to the Energy Transition strategies. You need to understand and to work closely with other disciplines and key internal and external stakeholders to deliver totally integrated solutions and strategies.

Specific responsibilities are to provide technical expertise in Heat Transfer include:-

  • Troubleshooting, de-bottlenecking and technical support for heat transfer equipment in operating plants, focused on all types of combustion equipment (fired heaters, furnaces, boilers, steam methane reformers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, incinerators, flares), heat exchangers and air coolers (including waste heat boilers); this consultancy work includes site visits as well as desk studies
  • Heat transfer equipment performance monitoring, operating data analysis and interpretations. Develop remote monitoring capabilities/applications for critical pieces of fired and unfired equipment
  • Develop thermal & hydraulic design and engineering packages and/or review design packages from vendors and contractors to ensure compliance with industrial and Shell design standards for new equipment as well as support changes in process line-up, debottlenecks, equipment modifications and green field projects and licensing applications
  • Quality assurance and technical delivery for services within the Heat Transfer discipline
  • Guidance to technology development/deployment, design practices and procurement standards. This includes Technology evaluation, Technology strategy development, deployment of (post pilot) proven technology/practices/processes and maintaining a dialogue with the development and replication teams to identify new and emerging technologies.

Qualification And Experience:-

  • Bachelors’ degree or Masters’ degree in Chemical Engineering with ariynd10 years of relevant professional experience in the Heat Transfer discipline
  • Dual experience in fired and unfired heat transfer domains shall be preferred.
  • Sound background in engineering, as well as knowledge in the field of heat transfer and physics of transport phenomena and fluid flow.
  • Knowledge to Mastery level in at least three of the key heat transfer equipment area functional competencies as below:
  • Develop, Design and Specify Furnaces, Boilers, HRSG, process fired heaters & Combustion Equipment including design tool knowledge.
  • Evaluate and Troubleshoot Process Fired Heaters/Furnaces, Boilers & Combustion Equipment
  • Infrared Measurements & Analysis on fired equipment
  • Control and safeguarding of furnaces & combustion equipment
  • Develop, Design and Specify other types of heat transfer equipment
  • Design and performance analysis of heat transfer equipment using HTRI software tools
  • Knowledge of industry codes and standards including ASME, TEMA and API/ISO standards
  • Evaluate and Troubleshoot Heat Exchangers.
  • Direct experience delivering performance improvements in Assets
  • Solid experience working in a team, self-motivated to learn and possess strong written and verbal communication skills, ability to listen well, be result oriented and have stakeholder management skills with Business partners and strategic 3P Customers.
  • Ability to support a multi-discipline team to deliver complex Asset management requirements and Reliability Improvement Program
  • Possess excellent interpersonal, facilitation and stakeholder engagement skills while having the ability to prioritize and multi-task, when/where required.
  • Solid experience working as part of a team, self-motivated to learn and possess strong written and verbal communication skills
  •  Ability to listen well, be result oriented and have manage key stakeholders well such as Business partners and strategic 3P Customers.


  • Bangalore, India.

Company Overview:-

Shell is a global energy company where we work towards powering progress through more and cleaner energy solutions. We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future. In India Shell has its businesses footprint in Information Technology, Projects & Technology, Finance Operations, Integrated Gas, Downstream & Upstream spread across more than 7 main locations.