Data Analyst


  • Pune, Maharashtra
Data Analyst
Job Posted : Oct 6th, 2021

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity for a Data Analyst at Ivalua. You will be an integral part of the Service Operations team within the Professional Service organization. You will be key to collect and analyze data that identifies trends and provides leadership with valuable information that they can use to make decisions and improve processes.

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Build and maintain the Professional Services dashboard and KPIs to increase transparency, predictability and performance that allows agility in our decision-making process
  • Identify, gather, analyze data, and provide insights to the leadership team through easy-to-understand graphs, charts, tables, and reports.
  • Using data mining to extract information from data sets and identify correlations and patterns
  • Organizing and transforming information into comprehensible structures that uses data to predict trends
  • Performing statistical analysis of data using tools and techniques to visualize data in easy-to-understand formats, such as diagrams and graphs
  • Preparing reports and presenting these to management or clients
  • Identifying and recommending new ways to present data to improve business processes
  • Monitoring data quality and removing corrupt data
  • Communicating with stakeholders to understand data content and business requirements

Preferred Education:-

  • BS/BA degree in Procurement, Computer science, or a closely related field or foreign equivalent

Skills You Need to Succeed:-

  • 5+ years’ experience in data mining, pattern and trend identification processes
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet functions
  • Ability to clean data and prepared based on the needs of the professional service team
  • Manage client relationships, self-driven, results oriented, strong leadership and exceptional communication skills
  • Problem solver and able to create Dashboards and/or Reports
  • The ability to communicate in multiple formats such as, writing, speaking, explaining, listening with a strong communication skill
  • Critical thinker with attention to detail


  • Pune, Maharashtra.

Company Overview:-

Recognized as a Leader by Gartner, Ivalua’s Source-to- Pay suite is leveraged by over 300 leading companies across the globe to manage over $500 Billion in direct and indirect spend. The platform’s combination of ease-of- use, depth, breadth and flexibility ensures high employee and supplier adoption, rapid time to value and the ability to meet unique or evolving requirements, evidenced by the industry’s leading 98%+ retention rate.