EMC Manager


  • Bangalore, India
EMC Manager
Job Posted : May 13th, 2022

Job Description

EMC Manager is to lead a team involved in a set of projects/tenders, ensuring quality target and repeatable performances. Staff the team and follow-up project strategy definition and task execution, delivering as per QCD commitments. He/she has to ensure the Electromagnetic compatibility between internal signalling components, and between the signalling system and other railway subsystems


  • Provide support to team project/program execution
  • Estimate / Validate activities quotations for tenders and projects
  • Liaise continuously throughout the lifecycle of the project with the Project Engineering Manager in order to contribute to the overall project safety case and to demonstrate the overall EMC compliance of the signalling system
  • Define EMC activities and builds the EMC Control Plan through the contract requirements capture and the project context. (from the EMC requirements of the Project Contract, definition of EMC activities, deliverables, design requirements and EMC tests).
  • Defines the necessary EMC factory compliance tests to be performed as well as the necessary in site assessment, in order to close out all identified EMI risks.
  • Ensure Urban & Mainline EMC Engineering rules be adapted and applied to Urban & Ensures that each defined rule is closely followed throughout the installation phases of the project.
  • Defines the constraints to be applied to the other subsystems (i.e. non-signalling) in order to reduce their external emission of noise (EMI) and protect the signalling equipment.
  • Identify all potential risks of interference between signalling equipment and between signalling system and other railway subsystems
  • Ensures that there is sufficient margin before malfunction / failure or alternatively he/she shall provide Mainline projects on EMC scope mitigation actions in order to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.
  • If necessary, perform on site EMC testing campaigns in order to demonstrate good practices or to solve identified EMC problems.
  • At the end of the Project, he/she provides an overall EMC Synthesis document for submission, which demonstrates that all risks have been mitigated and that the signalling system is compliant with its EM environment.
  • Promote Alstom values to his/her team

Qualification And Experience:-

  • BE/BTech in Electronics/Electronics and Communication or Electrical Engineering
  • 8-12 years experience  in EMC(knowledge of fundamental EMC standard : EN 61000-4 series)
  • Team Management and EMC scope management for project
  • English (Good verbal and written communication skills).

Preferred Qualifications:-

  • Experience in Railway field (Knowledge of railway EMC standard series EN 50121)
  • Hands-on experience in the RF design / High frequency design / EMC design in railway or any other sector.
  • Experience in analysis of electromagnetic interference and find the root cause of EMC problems.
  • Knowledge in EMC design rules, concerning cable segregation, separation distances, earthing and bonding specifications, equipotential grounding etc.
  • Basic knowledge of the EMC standards, especially the EN 61000 series
  • EMC measurement (Test procedures / Test instrumentation / Hands-on EMC testing).


  • Bangalore, India.

Company Overview:-

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