Electronics – V core – Engineer – Electronics


  • Chennai, India
Electronics – V core – Engineer – Electronics
Job Posted : Jun 1st, 2023

Job Description

  • The Component Engineer is responsible for supporting the project teams in electronic components management during the whole life cycles of the projects.
  • That includes specification, selection, standardization, change management, quality issue, and end-of-life management
  • For the qualifications, the Component Engineer is responsible for the PPAP review of generic (off the shelves) components.
  • He supports the SQA team for the specific components, and the other PG/PL in his/her speciality.


  • Surveys technologies and proposes roadmaps to project teams: collects needs from P2/P1 teams, organises meetings with suppliers, exchanges with group components experts, set up roadmaps for specific components related to his/her PL or speciality.
  • Supports the design teams during the component specification and selection.
  • Pushes for component standardisation: is perfectly aware about group standardisation rules :
    • supplier panels, preferential lists, design checker rules, Valeo general specification, …
    • Deploys these rules and push for standardisation in his/her PL:
    • supplier selections, automotive series, Valeo preferential lists, dual sourcing, etc…
  • In the BOM reviews: identifies and asses the risks: not qualified, not automotive, single source, or end of life parts, new suppliers.
  • Proposes and follow-up the risks mitigation plans and the standardization plans.
  • Tracks monthly the qualification rate of the components and set an alert if a risk of delay is foreseen.
    Contributes to qualification of electronic components for his/her PL: Helps project teams to well specify their needs (APSS, specific requirements), Completes qualifications by analysing PPAPs (interacting with the Vcore segment leader), and leading additional qualification tasks if needed: specific qual-plans, technological analyses, reviews at suppliers (qual, design, test). Records and maintains updated qualification data in the Valeo database.
  • Supports requalifications in case of component changes (PCN) : Participates to the PCN monthly reviews, estimates risks and proposes qualification plans, leads Product qualifications in his/her PL in connection with P0 manager.
  • Supports SQA in case of major component quality issues : Is involved in QRQC process, contributes to establish Lessons Learn Cards for generic issues (cross-fertilization)
  • Applies and deploys the components related procedures : is perfectly aware about all components related specifications and procedures (General specifications, qualification, BOM reviews,…) and trains project teams to these procedures.
  • Updates the Valeo Components databases : records all the qualification data in the Valeo PLM Components database and maintains updated qualification status. Links new sources to existing family qualifications (generic PQP) when it is relevant. Support PL SQA in case of SRM PQA process linked to a component.


  • Chennai, India.

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