E-Drive Test Automation Engineer

ZF India Pvt Ltd

  • Hyderabad, India
E-Drive Test Automation Engineer
Job Posted : Mar 31st, 2022

Job Description

  • Interpret test requirements and define Electric drive Hardware in loop test cases
  • Automate HiL test cases and electric drive tuning using dSpace Control desk and Automation desk
  • Develop digital twin infrastructure for test development, maintenance and verification
  • Execute test cases, process results and generate automated reports
  • Investigate and solve performance and integration problems during Electric drive development
  • Develop scripts to interact with requirements management tools such as DOORS, Code Beamer.

Qualification And Experience:-

  • Degree in Electronics, Electrical, Mechatronic or Computer Engineering or a similar focus
  • At least 5 years experience in scripting for possibly Laboratory environment
  • Knowledge of dSPACE tools, DOORS, Matlab and Vector CANape
  • Skills in data processing as well as analysing trends while investigating issues
  • Methodical and systematic approach
  • Strong inter-cultural and inter-personal skills as our team is very global


  • Hyderabad, India.

Company Overview:-

In India, ZF is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions and services that is shaping mobility trends in the country. The group has had operations on the subcontinent for over three decades. In fact, the U.S. company TRW, which was acquired by ZF in May 2015, has been in India for roughly half a century. Most of ZF Group’s strategic divisions and business units are already present in India and cater to the automotive and non-automotive segments in the country.