DCS SW Lead Engineer


  • Nashik, Maharashtra
DCS SW Lead Engineer
Job Posted : Mar 6th, 2024

Job Description

Facilitates the EEEC II’s interests and activities for process system and solution projects. The position is responsible for project activities include, but not limited to, Lead Engineering.


  • Follow Emerson’s project execution life cycle and maintain all documentation including technical, quality documents
  • Act as Lead for the project
  • Act as primary interface with customer for entire scope of the project
  • Support Project Manager for all technical aspects of project as well as support in various project activities such as scope review, kick off meeting, resource planning, engineering planning, procurement support, schedule planning, quality control, monitoring and controlling of project, customer handling, risk monitoring & control, change management, performance reporting, progress reporting, closeout
  • Analyse customer inputs and understand requirements such as Design Specifications, P&IDs, Control Narratives, IO list, Instrument Index, Operating Philosophies etc.
  • Raise Technical Queries
  • Handle team of SW/HW Engineers working on project
  • Verify compliance to project’s requirement
  • Develop System Design
  • Develop/review System Architecture for entire ICSS (Integrated Control & Safety System)
  • Perform I/O to Controller Assignment
  • Define Software Concepts
  • Define Hardware Concepts
  • Define third party interfaces (Modbus, Profibus, OPC etc.)
  • Develop SW library (Logic as well as graphics)
  • Develop project specific SW typicals
  • Perform SW Typical Test
  • Design & Develop I/O & base control modules
  • Develop customized logic
  • Develop complex logic
  • Develop graphics
  • Develop Third party interface database/modules
  • Develop/Review BOM for entire system
  • Review all documentation of project including SW/HW/Project Management related to technical aspects
  • Develop Internal test plan
  • Verify cabinet build
  • Perform Internal testing
  • Perform Third Party Interface test
  • Develop SW FAT plan
  • Develop HW FAT plan
  • Develop HW-SW Integration plan
  • Perform Integrated testing between SW & HW
  • Perform FAT with customer
  • Develop As Built documentation
  • Develop SAT plan
  • Perform SAT at customer location
  • Loop checks at site
  • Startup & Commissioning support
  • Handle Change Management

Quality Control & Assurance:-

  • Implementation of EEEC IMS processes/documentation as & when required throughout the project.
  • Adopts to WA quality requirements and Customer’s regulatory guidelines
  • Practices and promotes First time right approach.
  • Strictly follows GDP (Good Documentation Practices).

Other Duties:-

  • Perform other additional specific duties, when requested by the business. These will, typically, be strategic in nature but could potentially be anything that the post holder is suitably qualified and experienced to undertake. These duties may be assigned to the person under guidance of a supervisor.


  • Nashik, Maharashtra.

Company Overview:-

Emerson, a Fortune 500 company with $18.4 billion in sales, more than 20 Innovation, Solutions & Engineering Centres, and 200 manufacturing locations worldwide, is committed to helping employees grow and thrive throughout their careers. We are innovators, question-askers and problem-solvers. We don’t settle for good enough or “This is the way it’s always been done.” Instead, we push ourselves and strive for the “never been done before.