NexTracker NX Flow


Product Brief: NX Flow is a modular, integrated solution designed for long duration solar-plus-storage applications. Each is designed to maximize long-term value and offer the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS) for a wide variety of applications, such as peak smoothing, bulk load shifting and demand charge reduction.

Product Feature: Self-powered tracker, no grid power required, Integrated back-up battery, Up to 120-degree (±60) tracking range, Zigbee wireless network, Optimized for multiple module types, up to 90 panels per row NX MACHINE LEARNING

Application: Is used for low levelized cost of storage (LCOS) for a wide variety of applications

Benefits: Smart, connected software solution integrating Flex’s cybersecure, NERC-CIP compliant data platform with NEXTracker’s Digital O&M control software and asset management offers safe and complete system analytics, preventive maintenance, and monitoring.

Availability: Available.

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