6 Reasons Why Renewables Matter During Disasters/Conflicts

Readily Available Sources:

Readily available sources: Unlike conventional energy, the primary energy sources of renewables-sun and wind are readily available during disasters and in conflict zones.

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Decentralized Sources:

Many off-grid and decentralized renewable sources are independent of the damages to the grid systems during disasters.

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Independence from Energy Imports:

These renewable sources are also independent of the sudden rise of fossil fuel energy sources like coal, oil and gas.

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Benefits in tough terrains In many hilly and disaster-prone areas, portable solar panels offer handy energy solutions, independent of grid requirement.

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Basic Needs During War:

Renewable sources also aid in running water motors, irrigation pumps and other needs when there is power outage due to war and conflicts.

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Easy to Repair/Maintain:

Due to the less complex involvement of multi-layer infrastructure, renewable projects are also easy to repair and maintain.

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